Commercial Auto Insurance for Large Businesses

Commercial Auto Insurance Specialized to Your Business

We know there’s not a one-size-fits-all commercial auto insurance policy. With a strong understanding of the risks that each industry faces, our specialized commercial auto insurance is easy to customize to meet the needs of mid- to large-size businesses.
Our deep specialization in many industries means we know the challenges various businesses face and it allows us to be there for our customers. We offer commercial auto insurance to mid- to large-size businesses in various industries, including:
We can work with your agent or broker to help create a customized commercial auto policy for your business. You can also get other types of large business insurance to get comprehensive coverage.

Differentiating Commercial Auto Insurance Programs and Services

We include our proprietary broad form endorsement with all commercial auto policies at no additional cost. Some of the coverages you’ll get include:
  • Hybrid, electric or natural gas vehicle payments coverage
  • Vehicle wrap coverage
  • Worldwide liability coverage for hired autos beyond just passenger cars
  • Employees as insureds
  • Loan/lease gap coverage
  • Resultant mental anguish coverage

FleetAhead: Integrating Data and Risk Management To Help Reduce Claims

If your business has a larger fleet of vehicles used for work purposes, our FleetAhead program can help you improve fleet operations and reduce claim losses.
Our program uses telematics to gather real-time driver data. Working with our risk engineering consultants, you’ll learn how to interpret this data to develop a plan to improve driver safety. FleetAhead can benefit:
  • Fleet managers through safer drivers, resulting in fewer accidents, better fuel economy and less wear on vehicles.
  • Drivers who can learn strategies to develop good safety records.
  • Risk managers with the use of real-time telematics data.
  • Customers, because if your drivers are safe on the road, it means appointments get kept, services get provided and goods get delivered.

Downtime Loss, Rental Reimbursement and Towing Coverage

We know that accidents involving company-owned vehicles can be stressful. Repairs can take weeks or months, which can dramatically impact your income. Renting another car and other costs can quickly add up to an expensive bill. It’s why we offer several types of coverage to help you and your employees on the road:
  • Downtime loss coverage helps replace your business’ lost income if you can’t operate while your company’s medium or heavy truck gets repaired after getting damaged in an accident.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage pays for rental costs while your medium or heavy truck gets repaired.
  • Towing coverage can help pay your towing expenses if your company-owned vehicle breaks down and can’t be driven.
We also have a network of over 1,000 auto repair shops country wide where you can get quality repairs that are guaranteed for as long as you own or lease the vehicle.

Reliable Risk Engineering and Specialized Claims Services

You can count on us even after your commercial auto insurance policy gets issued. Whether you need help with a claim or ways to keep your employees and business safe, we’ve got your back.
Our Risk Engineering team can help you protect your business’ assets through online, virtual or on-site services. You can also access a free library of technical information papers (TIPS) to help control losses and limit risk exposures.
If you need to report a claim, our specialists can help ensure they’re handled efficiently and adeptly. Our claims team is made up of professionals with a deep knowledge of our unique commercial auto coverages.

Find an Agent or Broker for Commercial Auto Insurance

We aim to create and provide specialized coverages to help protect businesses in many industries. With access to data and analytics, we continually strive to offer businesses products to help them manage risks and reduce losses.
From driver training and telematics to a policy your agent can customize to fit your business’ needs, our corporate car insurance policy can help improve safety and efficiency on the roads.
Find an agent or broker today and learn how our commercial auto insurance can help your business.
Specialized Coverages for Most Industries

Specialized Coverages for Most Industries

We pride ourselves in knowing your industry, inside and out. With specialized insurance coverage for businesses like yours, we’ve got your back.
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