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Healthcare Facilities Face a Range of Risks

Healthcare facilities face a broad and ever-growing range of risks. These could include anything from slips and falls to contamination events to loss or theft of personal data. Even so, risk managers at hospitals and other healthcare facilities can feel more confident knowing The Hartford is there to help them reduce risk and prevail through crises, lawsuits, and unexpected events.
Recommended Coverage for Healthcare Facilities
Helps protect the property a healthcare business owns and leases, including things like equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. Healthcare facilities can also tailor coverage to fit their specific needs.
Property Choice® provides automatic protection for many of the things that matter most to healthcare businesses. This can include coverage if:
  • Electronic data is lost or built-in equipment breaks down.
  • Utility services are interrupted and result in a loss of business
  • Patients need to be evacuated due to an emergency event or threat.
  • Patients’ or residents’ personal property is damaged or stolen.
Property Choice helps cover the cost for visibly undamaged stock such as drugs and medical supplies that have been condemned. It also helps cover the cost to clean up contaminated worksites.
Crisis Event Coverage can be added to a Property Choice policy to help cover loss of business income and crisis communications costs stemming from a covered crisis.
Helps cover property damage, including damage to rented properties, and accidents related to running outpatient health clinics. Helps protect business assets in the event of a lawsuit for claims of negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, faulty products, false advertising, and more.
With our Private Choice Encore® package healthcare facilities can customize their policy to include some of the most popular management liability coverages that healthcare organizations look for, including:
  • Directors, Officers and Entity Coverage – helps protect directors, officers and management of healthcare facilities in their everyday management and business decisions.
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage – helps protect healthcare organizations and their leaders from damages and defense costs related to employment practice disputes such as discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination or discipline.
  • Fiduciary Liability Coverage – helps provide coverage for claims that arise from the administration and oversight of specified employee benefits plans provided to employees and retirees of healthcare organizations.
  • Crime Coverage – helps protect healthcare organizations against employee theft and other crimes.
  • Kidnap and Ransom Coverage – helps protect the organization’s employees from loss if they are kidnapped in the U.S. or while traveling abroad.
Helps cover damage to or theft of personal property (not money or securities) belonging to patients.
Helps pay for testing, clean up, removal, restoration or replacement of covered property and any loss of business income that is a result of complying with an ordinance or law that requires a healthcare firm to test for, clean up, or remove pollutants.
Helps pay for visibly undamaged drugs, biologicals, medical devices and supplies that have been condemned or withheld from market by a government authority.
Helps cover loss or damage that is a result of accidental radioactive contamination or damage to a facility.
Helps cover the expenses related to an evacuation of patients or residents due to a threat or emergency.
Tragic or violent acts that occur in healthcare facilities require special care. The Hartford offers protection for crisis events that can happen within them. Coverage is available to help with communication, counseling, and other post-crisis expenses.
Also known as business interruption insurance, this coverage from The Hartford helps protect against lost income if a healthcare business cannot operate because of a covered loss.
Helps cover the costs to recover or reconstruct accounts records that are lost or damaged by a covered loss, so businesses are able to reissue invoices and collect outstanding balances.
Helps cover the loss of business income if a firm is unable to conduct business because of an interruption in utility services due to a covered event.
Helps increase the liability protection of outpatient healthcare facilities when costs of a lawsuit exceed the limits of the business’s general coverage.
Additional Solutions for Healthcare Facilities
The Hartford is a leading provider of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. XactPAY® offers pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation premium payments based on actual monthly payroll figures to help better manage cash flow fluctuations and minimize audit adjustments. Best of all, this is offered at no extra cost.
The Hartford offers customized “floater” coverage for mobile medical equipment.
The Hartford’s innovative Risk Engineering team strives to help healthcare facilities run more safely and profitably with loss control services that include risk exposure evaluations, consultations, and recommendations for improving the businesses’ safety and security.
The Hartford offers U.S. domiciled companies a spectrum of coverage that goes far and wide. Whether you need to cover employees traveling abroad or a whole overseas enterprise, The Hartford can offer the right package of protection with options ranging from The Hartford Passport Package to The Hartford’s Controlled Master Policy (CMP) with local multinational policies – in one coordinated insurance program.

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