Impacto en la comunidad

Impacto en la comunidad

Advancing Social Equity

Our philanthropy strategy is grounded in advancing social equity. More than 70% of corporate philanthropic contributions are directed toward initiatives to help people overcome barriers to achievement that stem from physical, mental, socio-economic and racial inequities.
Impacto en la comunidad
Contributed to our hometown neighborhood of Asylum Hill since 2010.
Children educated on fire safety since 1947.
Lives positively impacted since 2017.
Neighborhood Needs

Supporting Neighborhood Needs

We are committed to the communities our employees call home with an emphasis on the Asylum Hill neighborhood where we are headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut.
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Nuestros Programas de Apoyo

Programas de Apoyo

We’re applying our business knowledge, data and expertise to improve access to resources and opportunity for people, businesses and communities in the areas of adaptive sports, mental health and fire safety.
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