Business Insurance Coverages

Combines into one convenient and cost-effective policy some of the most critical coverages businesses need including Commercial Property, General Liability and Business Income insurance.
Helps compensate employees for expenses associated with work related injuries or illnesses including medical bills, rehabilitation, and lost wages.
Helps cover you, your employees, and the vehicles you own, lease, rent or borrow – on the road and off. If an accident happens, this can help prevent it from damaging your bottom line.
Helps replace lost income when a business is unable to function and generate earnings because of a covered property loss or damage from incidents like fire, wind and theft.
Can help shelter your business from flooding caused by hurricanes, rain, snow melts, and construction run-off. The Hartford offers commercial flood Insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 
Helps protect the property your business owns and leases, including buildings, equipment, inventory and furniture. It also helps cover lost income if you can’t run your business because of covered property damage. 
Helps increase a business’s liability protection when the indemnity cost of a lawsuit exceeds the indemnity limits of core business coverage.
Helps cover liability expenses to respond to a data loss or theft. It also helps you comply with data-related regulatory requirements and provides guidance on how to prevent and handle a data breach.
Helps protect your business assets in the event of a lawsuit for things like negligence, personal injury, libel and slander. 
Helps cover you and your company if you are found negligent in the professional services you provided. Offers management & professional liability options for professionals, nonprofits and private companies.
Multinational Choice insurance from The Hartford bundles key coverages for businesses and educational institutions that do business outside the U.S. or have locations or employees overseas.
Helps cover cargo and the vehicles that carry it over land, sea and air. The Hartford offers a full range of specialized inland and ocean marine protection for a broad variety of industries.
The Hartford’s dedicated Bond Division and Fidelity underwriters offer the flexibility businesses need to safeguard valuable assets and comply with contractual, statutory or court mandated requirements.
Do you run a business out of your home? Without the right coverage, your business could be financially responsible for property damage, lawsuits, employee injuries, or issues related to data loss.
Helps cover defense and damages costs resulting from a variety of employment-related claims including allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment and retaliation.
The Hartford’s Risk Management team provides businesses with loss control services that include work site safety evaluations, safety training, driver safety programs and business continuity consulting.