Sustentabilidad Corporativa

Sustentabilidad Corporativa

Sustainability and ESG

Our deep commitment to sustainability is rooted in our proud legacy and lives at the core of our long-term business strategy.

Sustainability Reporting

We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future while creating value for our stakeholders. An important feature of this commitment is regular, transparent and best practice-aligned disclosure of our corporate sustainability actions and progress.

Our Approach to Sustainable Value Creation and ESG

Our view of corporate sustainability centers around developing business strategies and solutions to serve the needs of our stakeholders, while embracing the necessary innovation and foresight to ensure we are able to meet those needs in the decades to come. In embracing this long-term view, we seize opportunities and navigate risks that emerge from environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and we embed related principles into our businesses and operations to drive value creation for our shareholders and sustainable value for all our stakeholders.
As a company in business for more than 210 years, we know what it takes to be sustainable. We’re listening and adapting to remain relevant to customers and distribution partners, operating in a way that instills trust and confidence, fostering an inclusive environment for our employees and delivering value to stakeholders in ways that transcend the products and services we offer.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Successfully executing on our sustainability strategy involves further integration of ESG principles and practices across the enterprise. As we do so, we are guided by four foundational pillars that support our corporate purpose of underwriting human achievement. These strategic pillars will help us organize our efforts as we continue to leverage the strengths of our businesses to deliver long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders while contributing positively to society at large.
  • Supporting Resiliency and Entrepreneurship for our Customers and Communities: We aspire to build resilient and entrepreneurial communities that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances and mitigate risks before they take place.
  • Improving Health and Well-being: We promote mental and physical prosperity by providing our customers, employees and communities with tools to improve their lives and the lives of their families.
  • Delivering Inclusive Growth: We promote a more diverse and inclusive world by providing resources and opportunities to our diverse customers, business partners and employees.
  • Advancing the Energy Transition and Reducing Emissions: We support the energy transition by providing risk-transfer services to low carbon technologies and transitioning companies. We reduce our emissions and help our customers and business partners achieve their goals.

Sustainable Product Solutions

Investment by governments, corporations and investors into technologies, infrastructure, services and other areas that will help promote global sustainability objectives is occurring at an unprecedented rate. That investment is poised to continue in the years to come and insurance solutions play an important role in protecting that capital investment.
A key element of our sustainability strategy is to provide products and service solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers. In developing these products and services, we assess opportunities on multiple time horizons to ensure we are appropriately considering existing, emerging and future customer needs and building the necessary capabilities to meet those needs.

Sustainable Investing

We view ESG issues to be among the considerations that influence investment return over time. We believe that incorporating ESG attributes into investment analysis provides a more complete assessment of the risks associated with each investment decision. The Hartford’s investment portfolio is invested across a range of opportunities that evidence our sustainability objectives and commitments, while also delivering returns that support The Hartford’s overall financial and strategic goals.
“The Hartford’s sustainability strategy leverages the strengths of our businesses and rests on the principle that doing good can be mutually beneficial to both society and our stakeholders.”
– Christopher J. Swift, Chairman & CEO
Environmental Impact

Medio ambiente

At The Hartford, we recognize that climate change represents a large and increasingly significant risk for our stakeholders and that the insurance industry has a significant role to play in supporting the energy transition.
Social Impact


We fully endorse the principle that a company with values creates value for all its stakeholders, a principle that drives our continuous efforts to foster our culture and better the experience for employees, customers and communities.
Governance at The Hartford


Strong corporate governance practices and responsible corporate behavior are foundational to delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders. We leverage our corporate governance frameworks to maintain and foster a culture of integrity and ethical behavior at all levels of the organization.


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