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Fleet Management in the Age of Data

The Hartford’s FleetAhead® fleet management program integrates technology and risk management services to help businesses increase safety and reduce the cost of their fleet operations.
FleetAhead video
Using telematics, businesses are able to gather real-time driver performance data through wireless transmission. FleetAhead helps fleet and risk managers gather data and identify risks, and The Hartford’s Risk Engineering Consultants help them interpret the data and develop strategies for improving driver safety.
From system-generated analytics to coaching strategies designed to improve driver performance, FleetAhead focuses on helping fleet risk managers improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Measure. Improve. Succeed.

If we're going to improve something, we must first measure it. FleetAhead starts by measuring driving habits of a business’s fleet operators. Using real-time data collected by telematics devices for each trip, FleetAhead identifies risk indicators of individual drivers including:
  • Conducir a Exceso de Velocidad
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Lane handling
FleetAhead software identifies patterns in driver behaviors and provides insights about a driver’s habits.
Initially, the data is used to create a baseline for individual drivers and to inform fleet managers on where improvements are needed. From there, FleetAhead can recommend coaching strategies that managers can use to help improve driver performance.
With FleetAhead in-vehicle telematics, drivers get feedback while they drive. This way they can correct risky behaviors in real time and start building toward long-term improvement.
Data gathered from the in-vehicle devices feeds to a central web portal where it is stored for analysis. From there, The Hartford’s Risk Engineering team can coach fleet and risk managers on how to interpret the data and identify the best opportunities for improving their fleet operations.
Managers and supervisors get a true representation of how their fleet is performing, are guided on how to identify and correct risky driving behaviors and how to coach their drivers in a positive, constructive manner.
Beyond immediate short-term savings, some commercial fleets using telematics have cut car crash costs in half and reduced fuel consumption by as much as 10%.
In one case, a regional beverage distributor with a fleet of over 100 vehicles saw significant increases in safety and reductions in costs using FleetAhead from The Hartford. After one year, the beverage distributor saw:
  • Overall risky driving behavior was reduced by 75%
  • Improved driving behavior increased fuel savings by almost 7% – roughly $300 per vehicle annually
  • Accidents were reduced by 31% and there was a 74% reduction in accident related costs

Who Benefits From FleetAhead?

Fleet Managers – Safer drivers mean fewer accidents, greater fuel economy and less wear on engines and tires.
Risk Managers – FleetAhead coaching uses real-time telematics data to improve safety.
Your Drivers – Drivers build confidence behind the wheel, develop good safety records and improve performance.
Your Customers – Appointments are kept. Services are provided. Goods are delivered. Company image shines.

Telematics Referral Program

If a customer is interested in our referral program for new devices or an upgrade, we partner with a range of market leading telematics vendors.
  • Customers have the flexibility of choosing the vendor that fits their needs
  • Our team takes the time to understand the needs of the customer and provides a consultative recommendation based on the type of solution that they’re looking for
  • Negotiated rates may be available from certain vendors, depending on the products and services selected by the customer
For more information, or to set up a demo with one of our leading telematics vendors, email telematics@thehartford.com
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