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What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Employment practices liability Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) helps protect your business from employment-related claims, like:
  • Despido injusto
  • Discriminación
  • Acoso
The legal costs of employment-related claims can be staggering – and they’re on the rise. Employers may face many employment-related issues and lawsuits. Sometimes, the business owner doesn’t even have to be in the wrong to get sued.
Getting the right insurance to help cover defense costs and damages related to employment-related claims is critically important to protect your business. The Hartford provides comprehensive and customizable EPLI. We’ve made it easy for business owners to get the coverage they need to help protect their companies.

Why Do I Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Employment practices liability insurance helps protect businesses from lawsuits due to issues with someone’s job, like discrimination, wrongful termination and more. This coverage is included in our Póliza para propietarios de empresas (BOP).
Unlike business insurance policies that other insurance companies may offer, our employment practices liability coverage can help protect your business from accusations of harassment or discrimination by:
  • Clientes
  • Vendors
  • Business invitees
You may find that BOPs offered by other insurers may only protect you if a claim is filed by your employees. To help give you the protection you need, third-party EPLI is included for most businesses.1,2
In addition to our BOP, EPLI is also included in our Private Choice PremierSM package policy or as a stand-alone coverage with The Hartford Employers Premier Choice.PE

If You Have Employees, You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

EPL insurance We’re dedicated to helping protect employers. That’s why we designed our EPLI coverage to help businesses deal with a variety of EPLI claims. This includes vendor or employee claims of:
  • Discriminación
  • Age discrimination
  • Represalia
  • Violación de la Ley de licencia médica y de familia
  • Disciplina injusta
  • Ascensos no otorgados injustamente
  • Despido injusto
  • Acoso
  • Sexual harassment
Common employee complaints are centered around wage and hour violations. This includes:
  • Wage calculation
  • Overtime calculation
  • Job classifications
Employees file wage and hour lawsuits accusing employers of misclassifying employment status or miscommunicating their eligibility for overtime. Our BOP automatically includes a “Wage and Hour Defense Cost” coverage as part of the built-in EPLI coverage. This is a benefit for businesses that are likely to find themselves exposed to these kinds of disputes and lawsuits.3

Prevention Is Your Best Protection

Employment practices liability insurance We do more than just provide insurance coverage. We’re an experienced insurance company and know the risks and challenges that businesses face. We can help employers with risk management and provide some of the best learning tools to help prevent lawsuits from happening in the first place.
For example, we created, a proprietary website to give employers access to helpful resources, like:4
  • Web-based training on sensitive topics, including sexual harassment and wrongful termination
  • Artículos actuales sobre tendencias de prácticas de empleo
  • Prácticas de empleo modelo y manual para el empleado
Lawsuits related to equal employment opportunity laws can be both emotionally and economically draining. We’re here to help. Whether you have questions about our EPLI coverage or need help handling a lawsuit, we’ve got your back.
1 Se incluye para la mayoría de las clases en seguros incorporados y asegurados con mayor límite.
2 La cobertura de Responsabilidad por prácticas de empleo no está disponible en todos los estados ni en todas las clases de empresas. The $25,000 limit applies to Spectrum business written in Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company. The EPL program described herein does not apply to EPL coverage written in California. There is no built-in EPL coverage in California, Minnesota, North Dakota or New York.
3 Se incluye con todos las aseguradoras incorporadas. Se incluye en la mayoría de las aseguradoras con límite aumentado.
4 This program requires purchase of increased EPL limits. May not be available in all states.
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