Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

Specialized Solutions to Protect Your Moveable Assets

The Hartford’s Inland Marine team serves businesses of all sizes – small, midsize and large – that need specialized inland marine coverage as part of their risk management program.
Inland Marine Insurance

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance is a type of marine insurance coverage that covers a wide range of specialized property. For example, an inland marine policy from The Hartford can cover items such as medical diagnostic equipment, fine art, solar energy equipment and even clothing left at a dry cleaner. Our inland marine coverage can also cover property designed to facilitate transportation or communication such as commuter rail systems and cell phone towers.
Commercial inland marine coverage from The Hartford is often used to provide protection for assets and property that is movable or could be in transit over land as well as property owned by others that is in the possession of the policyholder or on the policyholder’s premises.

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Regardless of the term “marine,” an inland marine insurance policy typically covers property on land. Inland marine insurance is an offshoot of ocean marine insurance coverage. Originally, insurance companies offered “ocean marine” insurance to protect owners from losses of goods shipped by water in the event the ship sunk or was seized by pirates. Over time, individuals and businesses began shipping cargo beyond the major port cities and required protection from losses of goods while in transit over land. With the creation of inland marine insurance, insurance companies began offering protection for goods shipped beyond the major bodies of water and port cities. Today, inland marine insurance provides coverage for a broad range of miscellaneous types of property in transit and onsite.
  • Contratistas
  • Construction Risks
  • Equipment Rental and Sales
  • Fine Arts
  • Entertainment Equipment
  • Public and Bonded Warehouses/Logistics Operations/Trucking Companies
  • Solar, Fuel Cell and BESS Storage related to existing solar arrays
Businesses that work off-site, move goods and products, or are in possession of the property of others typically need commercial inland marine insurance coverage. Following is a list of industries most likely to purchase inland marine insurance and the coverage options they typically select from The Hartford:
Construction. Because businesses in the construction industry typically work off-site, they often find inland marine coverage is essential. Construction businesses usually purchase the following coverage options with their inland marine insurance policy from The Hartford:
Technology. Our inland marine insurance policy is very popular with technology companies, especially those involved in renewable energy research and development. Technology companies typically purchase inland marine insurance from The Hartford to protect the following:
  • Communication towers
  • Installation
  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Electronic equipment
Transportation. Originally, inland marine focused primarily on goods in transit over land so it makes sense that transportation businesses were among the primary industries to purchase it. Inland marine insurance from The Hartford can help transportation businesses protect the following:
Equipment. Inland marine insurance is useful to cover equipment owned by others while in a policyholder’s possession, even while off premises. Among the types of equipment covered by The Hartford’s inland marine insurance policy are:
  • Agriculture and landscaping
  • Computadora
  • Electronic
  • Entretenimiento
  • Flooring
  • Medical
  • Party and special event
  • Sales and rental dealers
Miscellaneous inland marine. Inland marine is often used to provide coverage for property that in not typically covered in a standard property insurance policy. Some of the special types of property often covered by The Hartford’s inland marine insurance include:
  • Bailees
  • Collectibles
  • Exhibitions
  • Fine arts
  • Musical instruments
  • Patterns and dies
  • Signs
  • Vending machines
The Hartford has been providing insurance to businesses for over 200 years. We offer industry-leading customer support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And our customers regularly rate their claims experience with The Hartford among the best in the industry.
Our experienced claims representatives are dedicated to providing friendly, professional service to help both large and small businesses through every step of their claim.
At The Hartford you’ll find a vast array of benefits and pricing options designed to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes.Talk to an insurance agent today about how inland marine insurance from The Hartford can help protect your businesses.

Types of Coverages

Builders Risk insurance helps protect development and construction projects by covering construction materials and labor costs as well as temporary structures. Our builders risk insurance goes beyond other insurer’s coverage by covering temporary structures and more.
Warehouse and logistics insurance helps cover businesses that are responsible for the shipment and/or storage, and security of others’ property. Optional coverages are available for added cargo protection in main and overflow warehouses.
Carrier Logistics Choice covers a trucker’s legal liability for property of others in their care. Coverage is tailored to fit a trucking and logistic provider’s specific operations.
Contractors equipment insurance provides protection for damaged or missing equipment, as well as small tools and leased or borrowed equipment. Our coverage is unique in that we offer replacement cost coverage for equipment that’s less than five years old.
Installation insurance provides per project or master policy coverage tailored for trade contractors including electricians, plumbers, HVAC, etc., to help cover equipment, materials, labor costs and profits.

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