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New York Small Business Insurance New York has been rated as the 5th most entrepreneurial state in the country with 2.1 million small businesses making up 99% of all of New York’s businesses.1 There are 3.9 million small business employees in the state of New York equaling 50.6% of New York’s workforce population.2 With small businesses making up a significant amount of New York’s businesses and employees, it is important to consider the insurance requirements in your state. The Hartford offers Seguro para pequeñas empresas in NY to help protect your small business, assets, and employees. Learn more about Seguro para negocios in New York with The Hartford:

Types of New York Business Insurance Coverages Offered

New York Business Owner’s Policy

Un Póliza para propietarios de negocios, or a BOP, can be a convenient policy for a business owner as it combines business property insurance and business liability insurance into one singular policy. Business owners can customize a BOP to meet their specific needs by adding optional coverages to it. The Hartford can help you protect your New York business and employees from claims resulting from bodily injury, property damage, theft, and other disasters. Consider purchasing a BOP if for example:
  • Your business has a physical address or location in New York, whether the location is a retail store, home office, traditional office, or rented space.
  • Your business has the potential to be sued by a customer who gets injured while at your store or workplace.
  • You have digital assets, equipment, cash, or furniture that could be lost, damaged or stolen.

New York Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you own or lease the location your business is held in, Seguro de propiedades comerciales can help you protect equipment, inventory, office furniture, and personal items in your establishment. A Commercial Property Insurance policy from The Hartford is designed to aide your business in getting back up and running quickly if a disaster or accident takes place. These policies can be customized to meet the needs of your business and can include protection for valuable papers and records. Learn more about how commercial property insurance with The Hartford can help you protect your business in the event of the following:
  • A fire at or near your workplace damages products or equipment.
  • Your office supplies or equipment are stolen.

New York General Liability Insurance

Seguro general contra terceros (GL), also known as business liability insurance, helps protect your business from claims involving reputational harm, property damage, bodily injury, and advertising errors. Businesses that mistakes in their advertising or have customers accidently injured on their property, can be held liable in a lawsuit, but can gain protection against these claims with General Liability Insurance. For example, General Liability Insurance from The Hartford can help protect your business:
  • Against claims if others allege you infringed on their copyrights when advertising goods, products, or services in ad advertisement produced by your business.
  • Against claims of false arrest, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, violation of the right of privacy and more.
  • Against certain claims for medical costs if someone is hurt on the business property. A customer’s property gets damaged by you or an employee while it is under your care.

New York Business Income Insurance

Seguro para ingresos comerciales provides coverage for your business when you cannot generate revenue because your business is inoperable due to damage from a disaster or property loss. If your business experiences a fire, theft, or storm damage, Business Income Insurance helps replace lost income while you are repairing your business to be fully back in service again. The Hartford includes Business Income Insurance in their Póliza para propietarios de empresas to help protect your business. You may need Business Income Insurance if:
  • Your business income is reliant on a physical location where services are received.
  • You have a brick and mortar location with retail items that make up your business income.
  • Your business income relies on software or digital property to make revenue.
  • Your business relies on machinery or tools to produce a good or provide a service to receive income.

New York Minimum Business Insurance Requirements

Not having insurance and/or the right kind of insurance for your New York small business may put you and your employees at risk. It is recommended that businesses consult with a professional to assess the types of business insurance they may need to ensure they will be covered in the event of an accident. In New York, small businesses with employees are required to provide disability benefits and carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees for work-related accidents or injuries.3 The Hartford has been providing workers compensation insurance to businesses in New York for close to 100 years and can help you better protect your business and employees. 

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