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Inland Marine Coverages


Construction Coverages

Builders Risk Insurance

When it comes to projects that are under construction, the exposures and financial consequences of loss can change as work progresses. The Hartford’s builders risk solutions are especially designed to protect contractors and owners from the unique risks they face.


Installation Coverage

With installation coverage from The Hartford, your clients will have the protection they need – and the service they expect – to keep their installation operations going.


Contractors Equipment

Whether your clients own a large construction firm or a midsize contracting business, their tools, machinery and mobile equipment are major investments.  Help them protect the valuable tools and equipment they need to keep business going.


Transportation Coverages

Carrier Logistics Choice

Carrier Logistics Choice coverage can help your clients survive the consequences of road events that result in damage to or loss of their customers’ goods.


Warehouse Legal Liability

The Hartford’s Warehouse Legal Liability has protection customized for the industry, helping your clients survive the financial consequences of: Warehouse fires, road accidents, and a variety of other covered causes of loss or damage to your customers’ goods.


Renewable Energy Coverages

The Hartford’s Renewable Energy Equipment Choice is equipment coverage specifically designed to meet the unique and evolving needs of businesses all along the renewable energy value chain. 


Equipment Coverages

When it comes to protecting your clients business, you may need a little something more – more specialized coverage or more customized limits for various equipment exposures. You may need an inland marine policy.


Miscellaneous Coverages