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What Is Group Retiree Health Insurance?

Our group retiree health insurance (GRH) is affordable group medical supplemental coverage with flexible copays and deductibles that help retirees pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. It’s not a managed care plan.  
Baby boomers are retiring at record levels. This means companies that offer retiree health insurance are at greater risk, especially those that self-fund their plan. The Hartford can help reduce employer risk while maintaining obligations to retirees. For over 35 years, we’ve offered flexible group retiree health insurance solutions that shift the risk away from employers while providing flexible benefits to meet the unique needs of their retirees.
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What Is Group Retiree Health?

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This series of videos explains the retiree market, our specialized program as a supplement for Medicare and how our team can help provide solutions for employers.

How Is Group Retiree Health Insurance Different From Medicare Advantage


Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is never required with our plan, but it can be required with Medicare Advantage.


Our GRH plan does not have provider networks. We work with any provider who can be reimbursed by Medicare. Medicare Advantage has its own provider network which can potentially limit the providers available to members.


Out-of-pocket expenses have not exceeded $3,000 for our retirees.1 The average out-of-pocket expense limit is $4,925 for Medicare Advantage in-network services and $8,828 for out-of-network services.2
We offer convenience, choice and customization that may not be available through Medicare Advantage plans.
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Additional Benefit Options for Services Not Covered by Medicare

The Hartford’s plan provides:
  • Two hearing aids every three years
  • One hearing aid fitting evaluation every three years
The Hartford’s plan provides:
  • One routine vision exam every 12 months
  • One pair of glasses every 12 months or a 12-month supply of contact lenses
The Hartford’s plan provides:
  • Examination of the heart, lungs, head, neck, abdominal, neurological and dermatological areas
  • Laboratory testing that includes a complete blood count, chemistry panel and lipid panel

Add Great Coverage Enhancements Not Typically Covered by Medicare



Acupuncture has been known to treat conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, stress and more. Although Medicare doesn’t cover these types of services, our GRH plan gives retirees access to this traditional practice.


Chiropractic care focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. It’s used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints and issues like back pain, neck pain, pain in arm or leg joints and headaches. Although Medicare doesn’t cover chiropractic services, our GRH plan can include this type of treatment.
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Important State Specific Information

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Central & West Regions

JT Huber
Group Retiree Health Sales Representative
Office: 860-547-2592
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Sales Offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Michigan, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Tampa and Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, New Jersey and New York

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Sales Offices in Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Hartford, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle

National Sales Director

Philip Hennig
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Group Retiree Health Form Series includes GBD-2400, GBD-2500, or state equivalent.
1 Based on Then Hartford’s internal data, 2-22.  Although The Hartford’s Group Retiree Health Insurance plan has out-of-pocket variability of up to $10,000, historically out-of-pocket expenses have never been higher than $3,000 for an enrollee in our plan.  Any maximum limit on a plan is based on the policyholder request.
2 The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation/””A Dozen Facts About Medicare Advantage in 2020.” viewed July 19, 2022.
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