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Customized Products and Marketing Solutions

Customized Products and Marketing Solutions

We’re a leading provider of Life, Disability and Accident Insurance to Associations and Affinity groups.
Customized Products and Marketing Solutions

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For more than 50 years, The Hartford has provided innovative products, customized plans and world-class customer service to our association and affinity partners. We work closely with many associations in a variety of industries to help their members protect what is important to them.
Our strength is in our people. We are a team of dedicated marketing professionals, sales agents, underwriters, claims experts and account managers who have the knowledge and experience to offer industry-leading solutions designed to drive program growth and participation.
Learn more about our innovative solutions for Associations and Affinity Groups.
We’re Ready to Partner With You

We’re Ready to Partner With You

Discover how our products and services can help provide financial security to your association members when they need it most.

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AD&D plans pay benefits for disabling injuries or a lump-sum benefit for an accidental death due to a covered accident. Available features include structured loyalty plans that provide increasing coverage for long-standing participants. Since these plans are all guaranteed acceptance, members don’t need to provide medical evidence to qualify.
Disability plans help replace lost income if the insured is unable to work due to a covered sickness or injury. A variety of benefit durations, coverage amounts and optional frill benefits are available to ensure each plan helps meet the unique needs of the sponsoring organization. These plans also include member assistance programs designed to help get people back to a productive life.
Hospital Indemnity insurance plans provide cash benefits for each day a member is confined in a hospital for a covered accident or illness. Benefits can be paid directly to the covered member or to the healthcare facility, giving the covered person more control over where their payments are sent.
TRICARE supplement plans are designed to help active duty and retired military members and their families with coverage for out-of-pocket medical costs. For more information about TRICARE supplement plans, please contact your representative at The Hartford.

Marketing Support

From compelling content to comprehensive design and distribution, we have the tools to support you. And with our advanced technology, we can deliver marketing resources just how you need them. Whether it’s direct mail, social media, email, content marketing or video, we have digital and print solutions to help ensure engaging, effective experiences that drive results, including:
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative services
  • Direct mail production
  • Digital tools
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Investigación 
  • Modeling and analytics


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1 THESE POLICIES PROVIDE LIMITED BENEFITS. These limited benefit plans (1) do not constitute major medical coverage, and (2) do not satisfy the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) because the coverage does not meet the requirements of minimum essential coverage. In New York: The Hospital Indemnity policy provides limited benefits health insurance only. The Disability policy provides disability income insurance only. These policies do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Department of Financial Services.
Accident Form Series includes GBD-1000, GBD-1300, or state equivalent, Disability Form Series includes GBD-1000, GBD-1200, or state equivalent, Life Form Series includes GBD-1000, GBD-1100, or state equivalent, Hospital Indemnity Form Series includes GBD-2800, GBD-2900, or state equivalent and TRICARE Form Series includes GBD-3000, GBD-3100, or state equivalent.
Es posible que no todas las coberturas y servicios estén disponibles para todos los negocios ni en todos los estados. For details on what coverages and services are available to you, contact your agent at The Hartford today. 
This page outlines in general terms the coverages and services that may be afforded under a policy with The Hartford. All policies must be examined carefully to determine suitability for your needs.
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., (NYSE: HIG) operates through its subsidiaries, including underwriting company Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company under the brand name, The Hartford,® and is headquartered at One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. For additional details, please read The Hartford’s legal notice at Todos los beneficios están sujetos a los términos y condiciones de la póliza. Policies underwritten by the underwriting company listed above detail exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policies may be continued in force or discontinued.