Photography Insurance

Photography Insurance

Capture Confidently With Photography Insurance That Has Your Back

Every photographer is unique, which is why you deserve insurance that can be tailored to your photography business’ needs. We’re here to help make sure you have the right types of insurance so you can keep doing what you love.
Photography Insurance
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Why Is Photography Insurance Important?

Photographers rely on expensive equipment to get the best shots for their clients. But having these costly tools can expose you to even more risks. All small businesses face risks every day, that’s why making sure you have the right seguro de negocio is so important. It can help protect you, your business, equipment and staff.
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Who Needs Photography Insurance?

  • Photography studios
  • Passport photographers
  • Portrait photographers
  • School photographers
  • Wedding photographers
  • Event photographers
  • Nature photographers
  • Sports photographers
  • Freelance photographers

What Is the Best Insurance for Photographers?

Most photographers have a Póliza para propietarios de empresas (BOP). A BOP combines three types of coverages that are important for small businesses. This can help your company save money on insurance rates while helping protect your photography business.
General liability insurance (GLI) helps protect your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. This coverage can help if a wedding guest trips over one of your flash stands and hurts themselves, or if you accidentally damage a client’s home while taking family portraits.
Business property insurance helps cover your costs if your owned or rented place of business and photography equipment gets damaged or destroyed. This coverage can help protect your:
  • Cameras
  • Flashes
  • Memory cards
  • Computers and external hard drives
  • Stands and backdrops
Business income insurance replaces some of your photography company’s lost income if you can’t open because of covered property damage, such as a fire or wind damage.
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Here for You, 24/7

We know you need to show your proof of insurance to clients often. We’ve made it easy to get yours whenever you need it.
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What Coverages Do Photographers Need?

Some common coverages you may want to include in your photography insurance policy include:
  • General liability insurance
  • Business property insurance
  • Interruption for computer operations
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Business income insurance
  • Home-based business insurance

Covering Your Photography Team

We know how important your team is in helping you run your photography business. They can help coordinate clients, assist you at events or serve as an additional photographer when needed. That’s why it’s important to make sure they’re protected.
Statistics show that between 36% and 53% of small businesses are involved in at least one lawsuit a year.1
professional liability insurance for photographers


“A client hired us to shoot their wedding. We captured some great moments, but when the couple got their photos, they claimed we didn’t get the right angle for the pictures of their ceremony. So, they sued our business.”
Responsabilidad profesional can help cover your legal costs, judgments or settlements if a client sues you for making a mistake in the services your business provides.
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Employee Injury

“While we were scoping the outdoor venue looking for a good backdrop, my assistant tripped in a hole and could barely walk. He went to the nearest urgent care and ended up being diagnosed with a broken ankle.”
Workers’ compensation insurance gives your employees benefits if they sustain a work-related injury or illness. It can help pay for their medical bills and ongoing care costs.

Covering Your Photography Operations

We know photography business owners face unique risks and challenges. From damaged equipment to clients getting hurt in your studio, it’s essential that you protect your business from different risks with photography business insurance.
Slips, trips and falls account for over 8 million emergency room visits.2
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Equipment Damage

“I had a full Saturday of family sessions planned. When I got to the location and opened my passenger door, my camera and equipment fell right into a puddle. Two of my lenses were scratched and my camera had major water damage.”
Business Income Off Premises coverage can help if your equipment gets damaged while you’re away from your business’ property. If you can’t finish a job because of broken equipment, this coverage can help cover your lost income.
photography general liability insurance

Customer Injury

“Our client was in the studio for a shoot when she tripped over a light stand. She cut her finger as she tried to catch herself and had to go get stitches.”
General liability coverage can help with your clients’ treatment costs if they get hurt in your studio.

Covering Your Photography Property

We understand your expensive equipment is an essential part to running a successful photography business. If any of it gets damaged or lost, it can prevent you from finishing a job or capturing special moments for your clients. With the right photography insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing your equipment has protection.
Photographers typically have thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment with them for every shoot.3
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Unmanned Aircraft Accident

“Drones help us get amazing shots, but you have to know what you’re doing. At one of our first weddings to use one, we accidentally crashed it into a tree. One of the propellers broke and it wouldn’t fly anymore.”
Our unmanned aircraft coverage helps protect your photography business’ drone and people at an event.
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Missing Equipment

“While flying to a destination wedding, I lost one of my lenses. I needed it for the reception, so I had to buy a replacement to get the shots I promised in our contract.”
Our Scheduled Camera Equipment Coverage applies to lost or damaged camera equipment on your policy. Coverage applies wherever you are and whether the camera is in transit.

Photography Insurance You Can Count On

Your clients rely on you and your photography business to capture their special moments or big days. It’s essential you work with an insurance company you can count on in case something happens to you, your team, equipment or business. We have more than 200 years of experience and our specialists are ready to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s getting a photography insurance quote or filing a claim, we’ve got your back.
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Photography Insurance Especially Made for Your Business

Get the protection you need to help keep your small business running successfully.
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