Lawyer Insurance

Lawyer insurance

Defend Yourself With Business Insurance for Lawyers & Legal Firms

You protect your clients’ rights on a daily basis. From providing legal advice to defending them in court, your job can be tough. Being in the business of protecting others can often mean needing to protect yourself. That’s where our lawyer insurance comes in, here to help you continue your counsel the best way possible.
Lawyer insurance
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Lawyer Insurance You’ll Love

Law firms and lawyers face unique risks. Your clients expect confidentiality, security and expertise when they work with you. So, lawsuits resulting from data breaches and claims of professional negligence can be common in your industry.
With our custom-tailored business insurance for attorneys, we make sure you’re covered. In fact, lawyers like you have trusted us with their seguro de negocio for over 200 years.
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Business Insurance That Has Your Back

Jenny and Marc Seguinot’s law firm fell victim to embezzlement. See how having the right insurance partner gave them the protection they needed to recover.
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Who Needs Lawyer Insurance?

Our legal insurance helps cover:
  • Attorneys
  • Barristers
  • Counselors at Law
  • Lawyers
  • Law Offices
  • Legal Aid Services
  • Patent Solicitors' Offices
  • Referees in Bankruptcy
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Criminal Law Offices
  • Estate Law Offices
  • Family Law Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Private Practices
  • Real Estate Law Offices
  • Tax Law Offices
  • Pro bono lawyers
  • Solo attorneys
What is legal insurance

What Is Legal Insurance?

Law firms and lawyers handle a variety of claims for clients, from insurance disputes to traffic tickets. To get protection from the claims your business faces, you’ll want the right legal insurance plan.
For this, we recommend policies like:
  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
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How Much Does Business Insurance for Lawyers Cost?

The price you’ll pay for insurance will depend on factors like your law firm’s:
  • Lugar
  • Tamaño
  • Number of employees
  • Claims history
  • Years in business
To learn how much it will cost you, obtener una cotización  hoy mismo.

The Lawyer Insurance You Need to Protect Your Practice

The minimum coverage you should have is a Póliza para propietarios de empresas (BOP). This offers insurance protection that’s similar to how your homeowners insurance policy protects your home. 
By combining three basic insurance coverages, a BOP can save you money while keeping your law practice safe. Coverages combined in a BOP policy include:
  • General liability insurance to help protect you from lawsuits when your business causes injuries or property damage. For example, if a client gets hurt at your office, this can help. It also helps cover claims of slander and libel.
  • Commercial property insurance coverage helps protect the physical location where you practice law. It also helps cover the items you use to conduct your legal business, whether it’s leased or owned.
  • Business income insurance coverage helps pay for lost income if you’re forced to shut down due to a covered property loss. This includes damage from fire, wind or theft.

Covering Your Law Firm’s Operations

Law firms regularly store sensitive and personal information for their clients. So, having the right insurance protection to help keep that information safe is important. We make it easy to add the insurance coverages you need.
On average, it takes 280 days to identify and contain a data breach.1
Cyber liability insurance for attorneys

Stolen Data

“We store a lot of sensitive employee and client information for our legal documents. So, when a hacker got into our computer system, they were able to steal some pretty valuable personal information.”
Cyber liability insurance, also known as data breach insurance, helps cover insurance claims related to lost or stolen personally identifiable information, including driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers.
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Customer Injury

“I run my law practice out of my house. One time, a client tripped on her way out from our meeting and fell down my front stairs, requiring a trip to the hospital for stitches.”
A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) allows you to bundle commercial property and general liability insurance into one policy. This is coverage that’s not usually available with a homeowner’s insurance policy and can help cover common risks like bodily injury claims. Más información sobre home-based business insurance.

Protecting Your Law Firm’s Property

Being a lawyer and a business owner means facing potential risks every day. You offer legal advice, manage sensitive information and handle lots of responsibilities. Having the right lawyer insurance can help give you peace of mind, knowing that the practice you work so hard for is protected.
Computer hackers attack every 39 seconds.2
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Ruined Paperwork

“During the winter, one of the pipes in our office froze and burst, causing water damage in our storage room. Several boxes full of important files were completely ruined.”
Valuable papers and records coverage can help restore or replace documents that have been damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.
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Computer Damage

“One of my employees opened an attachment on a spam email and our computers were all infected with a virus. The damage was far worse than I initially expected.”
Computers and media coverage can help protect your law firm against the physical loss or damage from viruses.

Taking Care of Your Law Firm’s Team

Running a law practice is a lot of work. From taking care of clients to overseeing a team, there are plenty of risks you want to stay protected from. Having the right insurance coverages can make all the difference for small business owners.
In 2018, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported.3
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Employee Injury

“My receptionist does so much for our office. Of course she spends the majority of her time on the computer, so when she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, it wasn’t that surprising.”
Workers’ compensation insurance helps provide benefits to your legal employees if they suffer a work-related injury or illness.
el seguro comercial para automóviles

Accidente de Automóvil

“One of my paralegals was running errands to get some items we needed for an upcoming meeting. On her way to meet the client, she got into an accident that totaled her car.”
A business auto policy provides coverage generally not included in your personal auto insurance policy. Having el seguro comercial para automóviles can help cover you and your employees if a personally owned vehicle gets into an accident.

Lawyer Insurance You Can Count On

From protecting your clients’ rights to handling their sensitive information, we know you face a lot of risk on the job. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing insurance coverage that can help protect you. With over 200 years of experience, you can rely on us to get you the insurance coverage you need at the right price.
Find out more about other business service professions we insure:
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Lawyer Insurance That Has Your Back

Providing legal advice and guidance to clients comes with a lot of risk. That’s why it’s important to get the right lawyer insurance to protect your firm.
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For Larger Firms

Larger law firms typically require specialized insurance coverage.
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