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Pay as little as $101‡‡‡ a month in Arizona with the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford.

AZ Auto Insurance

AZ Auto InsuranceFrom the beauty of the Grand Canyon to the historic O.K. Corral, Arizona is home to natural wonders. While these sights are amazing to experience, drivers in Arizona still face unique risks, such as monsoon season and dust storms. With so much to see and do, it’s important that drivers have the right car insurance in AZ as they travel.
El documento AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford1 has been protecting AARP members and their families since 1984. With The Hartford’s high customer ratings for claims services, we’ve earned a reputation for integrity and trust.
“From the time I called The Hartford, I was treated with respect. They were interested in my well-being and getting my car repair done in a timely manner. They made a difficult and stressful situation easy to manage. All representatives were friendly, courteous, helpful and respectful.”
– Sully from Wisconsin
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How Much Is Car Insurance in Arizona?

The average auto insurance cost in Arizona was $1,209 a year or about $101 a month.‡‡‡ Your premium may differ from the average based on different factors, such as your:
  • Geographic location
  • Historial de manejo
  • Tipo de vehículo

What Are the Minimum Coverage Requirements for Car Insurance in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, it is illegal to drive without insurance. Arizona requires minimum liability coverage at the following limits:3
  • Bodily injury: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage: $25,000 per accident

Types of Liability Coverage

It’s important to get minimum liability coverage that includes:

Additional Car Insurance Coverages and Benefits Available to Arizona Drivers

Some extra las coberturas de seguro para autos you can get from the AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford are:

AZ Auto Insurance Discounts and Benefits

As you look for coverage, remember that many car insurance companies have discounts and benefits. The Hartford offers up to 10% savings just for being an AARP member. There are also many other car insurance discounts for Arizona drivers, including savings for:
  • Bundling, where you can save up to 12% on auto insurance and up to 20% on Arizona home insurance.** Our customers save an average of $813 by bundling with The Hartford.**
  • Completing a defensive driving course.
  • Paying your premium in full.
The AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford also offers benefits like:
  • New Car Replacement:§§ If you total your new car, your policy will help pay to replace it with a new vehicle of the same make, model and equipment, with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Disappearing Deductible: With this optional coverage, your collision deductible will be reduced over time, as long as you maintain a clean driving record.
  • Accident Forgiveness: As long as all the drivers on your car insurance policy have a clean driving record for five straight years, you’ll qualify for accident forgiveness.
  • Labor & Seguro de remolque: This optional coverage helps pay for emergency roadside assistance if you break down. To get this benefit, you’ll need our comprehensive coverage.
  • RecoverCare:§ With this benefit, you can get up to $2,500 to pay for transportation, cooking, cleaning and other help you need after you’re injured in a car accident.
  • 24/7 Claim Service: Our representatives are available at 800-243-5860, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to walk you through our claim process.
Learn more about car insurance from The Hartford by calling 888-413-8970. The Hartford’s representatives will calculate your insurance rate based on factors like your:
  • Driving records
  • Lugar
  • Credit-based insurance score
  • Edad
  • Coverage levels

Other Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

Arizona Teen Driver Laws

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for teenagers, but you’ll want to be sure they stay safe in the process. To help with this, Arizona has put graduated licensing laws in place to help young drivers gain the experience required to be safe behind the wheel. These laws limit nighttime driving and the number of passengers a teen can have in their car. They also make sure they get enough supervised driving practice.

Arizona Seat Belt Laws

Even though Arizona doesn’t have mandatory seat belt laws, you can receive a ticket for not wearing one if you’re pulled over for another traffic violation.

Proof of Car Insurance in Arizona

Best Auto Insurance AZ If you’re a licensed driver in the state of Arizona, it’s smart to keep a copy of your car insurance ID card in your vehicle with your registration. Arizona is also among several states that now accept electronic proof of car insurance and with The Hartford mobile app, you can store your car insurance ID cards right on your phone. For more information, visit the Google Play™ or App Store.™

Get a Car Insurance Quote in AZ

So, how much is car insurance in AZ? To see prices for coverage, you can use this car insurance calculator or get a free quote with The Hartford for car insurance online. If you’d prefer talking to someone, a Hartford representative can be reached at 888-413-8970. They’ll make sure you follow AZ insurance requirements and help to ensure you have the right coverage.
Última actualización: 2 de abril de 2024
2 Bankrate, “Average cost of car insurance in Arizona for 2023”
3 Arizona Department of Transportation, “Mandatory Insurance FAQ.”
** Los montos de ahorro promedio se basan en información comunicada por los clientes que se cambiaron a The Hartford desde otras compañías entre 9/1/22 y 8/31/23. Su ahorro puede variar. El ahorro promedio en el seguro para automóviles es de $577 y el ahorro promedio en el seguro de viviendas es de $236. Las diferencias de tarifas entre los afiliados y los no afiliados de AARP varían según el estado y la antigüedad de los afiliados de AARP. El descuento para auto y vivienda está disponible solo para asegurados que tengan tanto su seguro para auto y vivienda (o condominios y arrendatarios) por medio de los programas de seguros para autos y de viviendas AARP de The Hartford. .The Hartford no suscribe nuevos negocios en todas las áreas, incluidos los estados de CA y FL.
§ La disponibilidad del beneficio RecoverCare y los niveles del beneficio varían según el estado. The Hartford RecoverCare Advantage® es una marca registrada de The Hartford.
§§ Se aplican términos y condiciones.
Se aplican términos y condiciones. La exención por accidente y la desaparición progresiva del deducible no están disponibles para asegurados de California.
‡‡ Se aplican términos y condiciones. La disponibilidad varía según el estado.
‡‡‡ Con base a un auto y conductor; la tarifa/prima/ahorros individuales variarán según las selecciones de cobertura reales y las características de los vehículos/conductores.
Divulgaciones adicionales a continuación.
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AARP y sus afiliadas no son aseguradoras. Endoso pagado. The Hartford paga regalías a AARP por el uso de su propiedad intelectual. Estos cargos se utilizan para los fines generales de AARP. En la mayoría de los estados, es necesario ser miembro de AARP para ser elegible para participar en el Programa.
El programa de seguros para automóviles de AARP de The Hartford está respaldado por Hartford Fire Insurance Company y sus afiliados, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. Está avalado en AZ, MI y MN por Hartford Insurance Company of the Southeast; en CA por Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company; en WA por Hartford Casualty Insurance Company; en MA por Trumbull Insurance Company; y en PA por Nutmeg Insurance Company y Twin City Fire Insurance Company. El programa de seguros para viviendas de AARP de he Hartford está respaldado por Hartford Fire Insurance Company y sus afiliados, One Hartford Plaza, Hartford, CT 06155. Está subscrito en AZ, MI y MN por Hartford Insurance Company of the Southeast; en CA por Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford; en WA por Trumbull Insurance Company; en MA por Trumbull Insurance Company, Sentinel Insurance Company, Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest, y Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company; y en PA por Nutmeg Insurance Company. El producto para viviendas no está disponible en todas las áreas, entre las que se incluye el estado de Florida. Los ahorros, los beneficios y las coberturas disponibles pueden variar y es posible que algunos solicitantes no sean elegibles. El programa no está actualmente disponible en Canadá, ni en los territorios o posesiones de Estados Unidos.
1 En Texas, el programa para automóviles está respaldado por Redpoint County Mutual Insurance Company a través de Hartford of the Southeast General Agency, Inc. Hartford Fire Insurance Company y sus afiliados no son responsables financieramente por los productos de seguros suscritos y emitidos por Redpoint County Mutual Insurance Company. El programa para viviendas está respaldado por Hartford Insurance Company of the Southeast.
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