Voluntary Long-term Disability Insurance

Voluntary Long-term Disability Insurance


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Voluntary Long-term Disability Insurance

What Is Long-term Disability Insurance?

Long-term disability insurance (LTD) helps ensure employees continue to get a portion of their income when they’re absent from work for an extended period due to a covered disability. These absences may be a result of accidents, injuries or illnesses that happen on or off the job.
LTD is an important type of coverage for employees because their savings might not cover daily expenses if an illness or injury keeps them out of work beyond their paid sick days.
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Why Employees Need Long-term Disability Insurance

Health insurance only covers medical bills. It won’t pay for groceries or rent. And Workers’ Compensation kicks in only in the event of a work-related injury or accident. Research shows that every second, a disabling injury changes someone’s life.1
  • One in four of today’s 20-year-olds can expect to be out of work for at least a year due to a disabling condition before they reach the normal retirement age.2
  • Without disability insurance, 50% of Americans say they would use their savings to help them pay for living expenses if they were unable to work due to an illness or injury.3
Our LTD insurance can help employees replace lost income due to a disabling injury or illness. But we go beyond the benefit with support to help employees maintain productivity and stay on the job. When an illness or injury happens, we offer resources that employees need to help them return to work as soon as they are reasonably able.

What Long-term Disability Insurance Covers

Long-term disability insurance covers injuries sustained inside or outside of work. Covered conditions include:
  • Fractures and sprains
  • Heart attack
  • Insolación
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Musculoskeletal injury and back pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Rheumatism

Flexible Long-term Disability Insurance for Businesses

Long-term disability insurance can give employees peace of mind when they’re unable to work due to a covered illness or injury. Businesses can customize their LTD policy to be a stand-alone plan, complement an employer-paid long-term disability plan or coordinate with a short-term disability plan to help ensure continuity of coverage. Benefits can include:
  • Up to 67% income loss protection
  • A definition of disability that allows employees to satisfy the elimination period with a loss of duties only
  • Waiver of premium
  • 100% return-to-work incentive
  • Workplace modification and family care credit
  • Access to Return-to-Work Coordinators – clinically trained, legally knowledgeable specialists with over 23 years of experience in the clinical field
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Disability Form Series includes GBD-1000, GBD-1200, or state equivalent.
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