Domestic Violence Notice

New York Insurance Law §2612 domestic violence law provides victims of domestic violence with important protections. Illinois Administrative Code Section 2028 provides similar protections for victims of actual or threatened violence, including domestic violence. A victim, the legal representative of the victim or, if a child is the covered person, the child’s parent or guardian may request to receive policy information at an alternate address, telephone number, or other method of contact.

Upon delivery of a valid order of protection or a reasonable request for confidentiality, the insurer is prohibited (for the duration of the order or request) from disclosing to the policyholder or other person the address, telephone number or any other personally identifying information of the insured, of any person or entity providing health services to the insured, the nature of the health services provided, or any other information from which there is a reasonable basis to believe the forgoing information could be obtained.

If a child is a covered person, then the right established by this section may be asserted by the child’s parent or guardian. The full text of New York Insurance Law Section 2612 can be found on the New York State Legislature’s website. The full text of Illinois Administrative Code (Title 50: Insurance, Chapter I, Subchapter z, Part 2028) can be found on the Illinois General Assembly website.

The Hartford has adopted procedures to maintain the confidentiality of, and to refrain from disclosing, the information protected by the above statutes. Al submit a request to receive communications by alternative means or at alternative locations, or to revoke such a request, please contact The Hartford’s Consumer Affairs Unit at the following address:

Postal Address: The Hartford, Attn: Consumer Affairs, One Hartford Plaza, HO-1-19-3, Hartford, CT. 06155

Phone Number: 800-451-6944 

Fax: 860-723-4289

After a reasonable request has been received, a requester may revoke the prior request by submitting a written sworn statement revoking the request to The Hartford’s Consumer Affairs Unit at the address above.

For New York Residents:

For further information on domestic violence services, you may contact the NYS Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline by the following:

For Illinois Residents:

For further information on domestic violence services, you may contact the State of Illinois Domestic Violence Helpline by the following: