Notice Regarding Use of Consumer Reports - MA

Thank you for your interest in The Hartford. We value your business and appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some important information. Like most insurers, we use consumer reports obtained from consumer reporting agencies to help us determine the appropriate insurance premium for your policy. In calculating your premium, we used information from the consumer reporting agency listed below. Your premium would have been lower if we had not taken this information into account.
The consumer reporting agency listed below did not make any decisions concerning your premium and is unable to provide you with specific reasons for those decisions. You have the right to obtain a free copy of your consumer report from the consumer reporting agency, by making a request within sixty (60) days of receipt of this notice. You should consider obtaining a free copy of your consumer report, and reviewing the information to make sure that it is correct. If you believe your consumer report information is incorrect, you have the right to dispute the accuracy and/or completeness of your consumer report information directly with the consumer reporting agency.
Information was obtained from the following consumer reporting agency:
LexisNexis Consumer Center, P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, GA 30348-5108, or call toll free at 800-456-6004. If you wish to access the LexisNexis Website, you can use the following address:
The insurance company listed on your policy declarations or with your policy quotation material took this action by not issuing or offering you a policy at a lower premium. That company and Hartford Fire Insurance Company took this action in connection with determining your premium. If you would like more detailed information regarding your insurance premium, write to us at:
The Hartford, Consumer Affairs, 1 Griffin Rd N, Windsor, CT 06095