Pet Trainer Insurance

Pet trainer insurance

Teach Confidently with Pet Trainer Insurance

We know you’re passionate about what you do, but working with pets does mean you face unique risks. Our pet trainer insurance was made for professionals like you, so you can keep helping the animals you love, and we can provide the protection you need to keep doing it successfully.
Pet trainer insurance

Why Is Pet Trainer Insurance Important?

When you work with animals, it can leave your business and employees at risk for different liabilities. From personal injuries to property damage, the risks that come from canines can have a big impact on your dog training business. However, you can have peace of mind with the right pet trainer insurance. We’re proud to work with dog trainers across the country, and we’re here to make sure you get the seguro de negocio you need to keep your pet services protected.
Dog trainer insurance

Common Coverages for Dog Trainer Insurance

  • Dog trainer liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • Data breach insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Animal bailee coverage

What Insurance Do Dog Trainers Need?

Insurance for dog trainers is important to have. Most pet professionals start with a Póliza para propietarios de empresas (BOP). This combines three essential coverages to help protect your professional dog or pet training business from claims of bodily injury or property damage. With a BOP, you’ll get:
General liability insurance to help cover claims that your dog training business caused an injury or damaged someone else’s property. So, if you’re training a dog in a client’s home and accidentally tear a hole in their couch, this liability coverage can help cover the damages.
Commercial property insurance to help protect your business’ building and equipment that you own or rent. This includes your:
  • Food and treats
  • Collars
  • Leashes
  • Crates or cages
  • Juguetes
Business income insurance to help replace your dog training business’ lost income if you can’t operate because of covered property damage, such as:
  • Robo
  • Fire damage
  • Wind damage

Covering Your Dog Training Business Operations

Certain risks you might not even think about have the potential to devastate your business. We know the challenges that dog trainers face every day, that’s why we’ve created unique pet trainer insurance coverages to help protect you against the unexpected.
In 2019, 1 in 4 small businesses were data breach victims.1
Insurance companies for dog trainers

Stolen Information

“We have our clients’ contact and payment information stored on our computers. When we got hacked, all of it was compromised.”
Data breach insurance can help you respond to a breach if confidential information gets lost or stolen. It can help pay for legal costs and to notify impacted clients. Some insurers also call this coverage cyber liability insurance.
Insurance companies for pet trainers

Injured Pet

“A client dropped off his dog for a weekend of training. While we were in a session, the dog jumped off the table and then started limping. We had to take him to the vet for treatment.”
Our animal bailee insurance for dog and cat trainers can help pay for expenses if an animal in your care gets hurt or lost. This can help cover veterinary bills, or even advertising and reward costs for a lost pet. This coverage helps protect property in your care, custody or control.

Covering Your Property

Your dog training business is more than just a job for you. We know how hard you’ve worked to get it started and make it successful. Whether you run it from home or have a facility, our pet trainer insurance can ensure your personal property and any property in your care is protected with the right coverages to help if a disaster strikes.
If they can’t reopen within 5 days following a disaster, 90% of small businesses fail within a year.2
Insurance for dog trainers

Animal Damage

“We let the dogs play in a space in our building and one of them chewed a hole in the drywall and scratched the trim. It ended up causing some extensive damage.”
We offer coverage for animal damage to buildings and your business’ personal property if it’s caused from a dog, cat or bird in your care.
Insurance for pet trainers

Corrupted Computer Data

“We use our computers to create and store training plans for our clients’ pets. One day, I rebooted my computer, only to realize a virus caused the hard drive to crash, corrupting our system.”
Electronic Data and Interruption of Computer Operations coverage can help pay to replace or restore your business’ electronic data if it’s destroyed, corrupted or inaccessible because of a virus or covered loss.

Taking Care of Your Dog Trainers Team

No matter how careful you are, working with animals means you’re at a higher risk for accidents. Dog trainers know how to handle all types of breeds, but it only takes a second for a disaster to happen. Having the proper pet trainer insurance will ensure your staff is protected.
Dog bites are within the top 20 injuries seen in an emergency department, according to a 2019 study.3
Pet trainer insurance cost

Dog Bite

“We sometimes work with dogs who’ve been abused to re-train them for adoption. These dogs can be aggressive, and unfortunately, even though we know how to handle them, they can still act out. Just last month, one of my trainers got bit in the arm and had to go to urgent care.”
Workers’ compensation insurance can help cover your employees’ treatment costs if they get a work-related bodily injury or illness. It can also help replace their lost wages if they have to miss work while recovering.
Dog trainer insurance cost

Car Accident

“One of my dog trainers was on her way to a client’s house for a session when she lost control of her car and swerved into someone’s fence.”
Commercial auto insurance can help protect you and your employees on the road. If you’re at fault, this coverage can help pay for medical costs and property damage.

Pet Trainer Insurance Made Especially for Dog Trainers

We know your dog training business faces unique challenges. As an experienced insurance company, we understand the risks your industry faces and have created coverages to meet each one. Our specialists will work with you to ensure you get the pet trainer insurance you need and the peace of mind you deserve as a dog trainer.
Other animal services professions we also insure include:
Pet trainer insurance quotes

Dog Trainer Insurance You Can Depend On

Get a pet trainer insurance quote and learn how we can help protect you and your dog training business.
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