Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

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Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

do I need rental car insurance There are many reasons you may need to rent a car, whether it’s for a vacation or because your vehicle needs repairs. When it comes to renting a car, we know most people wonder, “do I need rental car insurance?”
Rental car insurance can be confusing, and your decision to get it depends on your current auto coverages. Sometimes, your auto policies can extend to rented cars. Other times, you may need to get separate rental car insurance to stay safe on the roads and follow your state’s laws.
To learn more about auto rental policies with the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford,1 call The Hartford’s representatives at 888-413-8970. They can help answer any questions you have about costs, state laws and types of car insurance coverage. También puede buy car insurance online.

Does My Credit Card Offer Rental Car Insurance Coverage?

Credit cards can come with a lot of benefits, including the option to buy rental car insurance. In fact, credit card rental car insurance may have better rates than coverage from a rental car company. However, before your card issuer gives you a rate, they may ask for information like:
  • The number of drivers who will operate the car
  • The types of vehicles you’re looking to rent and protect
  • Your location and where you’ll be driving the car
  • How long you’re planning to rent the car
Also, keep in mind that most credit card companies only offer you this coverage if you rent the car using their card. For more information, it’s best to call your credit card company or look at their website.

When Should I Get Rental Car Insurance Coverage?

do I need to get rental car insurance Have you ever wondered, “do I need to get rental car insurance?” To find out if you should, you’ll first want to look at your current auto policies. You’ll also want to consider that most states require auto liability insurance. So, if you don’t have auto coverage and need a rental car, you’ll at least need to get liability insurance protection to drive legally.
You’ll also want rental car insurance coverage if you’re:
  • Renting a large vehicle, like a truck or motorhome that isn’t covered under your regular insurance
  • Not already covered by collision or comprehensive insurance
  • Driving abroad with a rented car
  • Normally insured under only a commercial auto policy
If you do choose to get rental coverage, you’ll want to make sure your rental agreement details out each coverage. This document should also mention what charges or fees you’ll face if you damage the rented car.

Types of Rental Car Insurance Coverages

Rental Car Liability Insurance Coverage

You’ll likely need rental car liability coverage to help protect you if you hit another vehicle while driving. This coverage will help pay for damage to the other driver’s car and their medical bills if you’re in an accident.

Personal Effects Coverage

Your personal effects coverage helps protect your belongings in your rental car if they’re stolen. This can include your electronics or clothing. This insurance covers up to a certain amount, depending on the level of protection you select. However, your renters and homeowners insurance often include “off-premises” coverage that can help protect your belongings. It’s a good idea to look at your limits for these policies. If your coverage amount is high enough, you may not need to buy personal effects coverage for your rental car.

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Your personal accident insurance coverage can help pay medical care and funeral costs for you and your passengers if you’re in an accident while driving a rental car. In many cases, your existing medical payments or personal injury protection coverage may be enough and you won’t need this insurance from the rental company. You may also have enough coverage from your health insurance plan. 

Collision Damage Waiver

This waiver doesn’t cover damage caused by driving too fast or on unpaved roads. Keep in mind that if you already have comprehensive and collision coverage, you may not need this waiver from a rental company. However, your deductible from your auto policy may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Car Insurance

Does My Credit Card Cover Rental Car Insurance?

Certain credit card companies do offer rental car insurance if you pay for the vehicle with their card. This means they’ll help pay for damages you cause in an auto accident with your rental car. Sometimes, you can get better deals with rental car insurance from your credit card company compared to coverages from the rental car company itself. It’s best to look into your options and compare prices to help save money.

Do I Need the Insurance With a Rental Car?

do I need the insurance with a rental car You only need extra insurance when renting a car if your current auto policies don’t extend to vehicles you rent. It’s best to look into what your auto policies protect against and how much they’ll pay for damages before you rent your car.

Does The Hartford Car Insurance Cover the Cost to Rent a Car?

The Hartford ofrece  rental car reimbursement coverage, also known as transportation expense coverage, to help pay for a rental car if you can’t drive your car because it was damaged in an accident. We also offer insurance for your rental car to help protect you while you’re driving it.

Do I Need to Buy Rental Car Insurance?

do I need to buy rental car insurance In the United States, you’re not required to get rental car coverages from the company that you borrow the vehicle from. In many cases, you can choose to get it from your credit card company. You’ll also want to look at your existing auto policies because they may already give you the coverage you need.
However, if you drive without coverage, you’ll risk having to pay out of pocket for any damage you cause to the car. And, if you don’t have any type of auto liability coverage, you’ll be breaking the law in most states.

Can You Rent a Car Through Your Insurance Company?

Many companies have benefits where they’ll pay for a rental car for you after an accident if you have certain coverage on you policy. However, the rental cars don’t come from your insurance company. Instead they’ll work with a rental car business on your behalf.
To learn more, get a cotización de seguro para autos today. You can also call The Hartford’s representatives at 888-413-8970.
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