Absence Management Administration

Compliance & Administration

Absence Management Made Easy

We’ve been managing Leave and Disability in-house for more than 20 years, helping employers simplify all workplace Absence.
Compliance & Administration

Manage All Forms of Absence With Our Intuitive Technology

Absence Management is complex, especially in today’s constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Our 2020 Estudio sobre el futuro de los beneficios found that 55% of employers say there’s no easy way to track and manage all the different types of Leave.1

With our proprietary technology and integrated Absence and Disability approach, you can simplify administration and compliance of all types of Absence including:
  • FMLA, State, Municipal and Company Leaves
  • Incapacidad
  • ADA
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Compensación para trabajadores
Managers can access real-time information and a detailed view of Leave status, payments, job protection eligibility, return-to-work dates and integrated reporting with our proprietary platform, The Hartford’s Ability Advantage.SM We connect your payroll and other HR systems to simplify administration, billing and policy access for all Absence managed within your program.
Coordinated Absence & Leave

Leave Management

Let us ease the burden of compliance and administration with best-in-class support including:
  • Administration of FMLA and over 175 state and municipal Leaves
  • Company Leaves, history & takeover services2
  • Leave law monitoring, system updates and resources to help stay in compliance

Integration With Disability

Our Leave Management program integrates with our Disability program and provides:
  • Clinical intake for ill or injured employees with concurrent STD and Leave claims
  • Single advocate manages STD and Leave, coordinates return-to-work support
  • Integrated communications, decision-tracking and payments
ADA Workplace Solutions

ADA Workplace SolutionsSM3

An optional program providing program-level and claims-level support to help manage ADA:
  • Consults with an ADA Coach to ensure your policies, procedures and job descriptions are compliant
  • Vocational support to review accommodation requests and job options
  • Administrative support to help track and report on ADA accommodations considered, dates implemented and outcomes

Paid Family and Medical Leave

As the #1 Statutory Disability4 and Paid Family Leave carrier providing statutory coverage for 50 years, you can rely on us to help you develop a plan that fits your company’s needs. We offer fully insured coverage and/or administrative services for self-insured plans including:
Stay updated on PFML and explore helpful resources on our Paid Family and Medical Leave Resource Center.
Integration With The Hartford’s Workers’ Compensation

Integration With The Hartford’s Workers’ Compensation

Integrate Workers’ Compensation, Disability and Leave Management programs with The Hartford Productivity AdvantageSM (THPA):
  • Coordinate all work and non-work related absence through a connected claims experience
  • Drive better outcomes through actionable data, reporting and analytics
  • Increase productivity while lowering administrative costs and regulatory risk
570784 NS 12/21
The Hartford’s Future of Benefits Study, June 2020.
2 For companies with over 500 lives.
3 The Hartford’s ADA Workplace SolutionsTM provides Foundational or Enhanced ADA Services to Absence Management customers for an additional fee. We support employers’ reasonable accommodation decisions under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing assistance with and gathering information for the interactive process, as well as offering reasonable accommodation options to employers. Employers may have obligations to accommodate disabled employees under other laws apart from the ADA. The Hartford does not make ADA accommodation decisions for its customers, but provides accessibility to outsourced legal resources under our Enhanced ADA Service. The information contained herein is not to be construed as legal advice and is informational only. Employers are recommended to consult with their legal counsel prior to outsourcing this service.
4 4Q2020 U.S. Workplace Disability Insurance Final Inforce Report.
Disability Form Series includes GBD-1000, GBD-1200, or state equivalent. Statutory Disability Form Series includes GBD-1850, or state equivalent. Statutory Family Leave Form Series includes GBD-1851, or state equivalent. Temporary Disability Form Series includes GBD-1850, or state equivalent. MA Paid Family & Medical Leave Form Series includes GBD-1852
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