Should Online Businesses Have Business Insurance?

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Business Insurance for Online Digital Retailers

Should Online Businesses Have Business Insurance? Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business or if you’re operating an online digital company, Seguro para negocios can help protect your company from claims of property damage, bodily injury, and lawsuits. Without a business insurance policy, business owners may be financially responsible and have to pay for damages out of pocket.
Consider purchasing a Business Insurance policy for your online digital business if:
  • You operate your online digital company from a physical location, including a building you own or rent.
  • You have digital and physical property that can be stolen or damaged. These items include customer data, equipment, furniture, cash, and inventory.

What Is Internet Business Insurance?

While some internet businesses may have difficulty finding Business Insurance to protect their online digital business, The Hartford is here to help.
As the owner of an internet business, your business isn’t just solely a website; you also use social media platforms, email, and other digital platforms to operate your company. Because of this, it’s important to protect and secure data and ensure you’re protected against things like copyright infringement or errors and omissions.
Del Seguro para la pérdida de datos, Professional Liability Insurance, to a Póliza para propietarios de empresas, there are several types of Business Insurance that can help provide comprehensive coverage for your internet business.

I Work From Home, Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

Even if you work from home, your business is still vulnerable to risks. If you’re operating your business from your home, your homeowner’s policy may not offer enough protection. Business Insurance can help protect your company from a number of different situations that can put it in a legal battle.
Here are some scenarios where a Business Insurance policy can help protect you and your business:
  • A customer or client could get injured when they visit your business at your home and you could be responsible for their medical bills.
  • Your business could be a victim of a data breach and it could cost you thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs.
  • A project or assignment you’re working on is delayed, goes over budget, or goes wrong and results in your client or customer suffering from financial losses.

Does My Internet Business Have Liabilities?

Digital internet businesses, like all businesses, are vulnerable to some type of risks. Protecting your business from claims of bodily injury, property damage, or even lawsuits is crucial to its success and growth.
Here are some examples of liabilities a digital internet business can have and the type of Business Insurance that can help:
  • Your digital internet business is hacked and the website is down. You also discover that customer data may have been stolen. Depending on the level of coverage chosen, Seguro para la pérdida de datos can help cover the cost to recover from a data breach. The insurance policy helps pay for things like identify protection solutions, legal fees, public relations, and other measures that need to be taken to restore the public’s trust in your business.
  • Something files a lawsuit targeting your business for something you post on your business’s website or social media platforms. A Seguro general contra terceros policy, also known as Commercial General Liability Insurance or Business Liability Insurance, helps protect your business from personal and advertising injury claims. The insurance policy can help cover the legal fees and other costs.
  • If you’re operating your business from your home, you may need more protection than your homeowner’s policy provides. If you store inventory or supplies in your home or at another location and it’s damaged, a Póliza para propietarios de empresas can help cover the costs to repair or replace them.

How Do I Get Business Insurance For My Online Business?

A Business Insurance policy helps give your digital internet business comprehensive protection from different risks. Getting an online quote from The Hartford is quick and easy. Or if you prefer to speak to a representative at The Hartford, you can call 855-829-1683.
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