Social Impact

Social Impact

Why Social Matters

The Hartford’s culture is one of unwavering commitment to supporting our communities and prioritizing the well-being of people – both our employees and our customers. It is foundational to the execution of our strategy and the advancement of our corporate purpose of underwriting human achievement, and a key contributor to our long-term success in sustainability.
Social Impact


Our employees are the lifeblood of The Hartford, and their commitments and actions define who we are as a company. We invest in creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment to promote innovation and maintain our position as a destination for top talent to come and grow their careers.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Building a diverse workforce and creating an equitable and inclusive culture is a top priority and a business imperative – these actions sharpen our competitive advantage with expanded perspectives and productivity as we strive to build a workforce that reflects our investors, the people we serve and the communities in which we operate. We proactively leverage a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives as we innovate and grow to meet the needs of customers, and we create a culture of inclusion that helps us attract and retain top talent.
To demonstrate our commitment, we publicly share our pay equity numbers, workforce representation data, leadership representation target goals for 2030 y nuestra EEO-1 data.


The Hartford’s commitment to our employees’ growth and development is a key hallmark of our culture. We encourage employees to own their career, allowing them to bring their passion and purpose into their development aspirations, and we equip managers with resources to guide them through coaching and feedback. Aspiring to be an employer of choice challenges us to keep the employee experience at the center of our workforce investments. Our employees are not immune to aggressive labor market dynamics, however we are proud of the retention practices that preserved 89% of our workforce in 2022 and our talent networking strategies are driving rebound hiring with people who chose to return to The Hartford. We credit our culture and employee experience strategies that encompass career support, leader engagement, accountability, work arrangements and compensation actions for these strong results.

Compromiso del empleado

The Hartford consistently scores in the top quartile for employee engagement, and we value the voices of the more than 90% of our employees that participate in our engagement survey process. In 2022, 86% of participants responded favorably to questions about their engagement (their emotional connection to their job and willingness to help us achieve our objectives) and 87% responded favorably to performance enablement (employees’ perceptions about the company’s commitment to customer service, product quality, training and development).

Diversidad de proveedores

Our success is intrinsically linked to the achievements and contributions of our suppliers. That’s why we are committed to supporting a diverse supply chain. As we grow business relationships with diverse suppliers, we strengthen our products, our brand and our communities. In 2022, The Hartford spent $98.2 million with small and diverse suppliers.


The Hartford provides the product solutions that people, businesses and communities
need to achieve and prosper. All our business offerings are underpinned by our purpose – underwriting human achievement – and our belief that people are capable of achieving amazing things with the right support.
We leverage our core strengths in underwriting, risk engineering, product development and claims to help our customers pursue their unique ambitions, seize opportunity and prevail through unexpected challenges. And in doing so, we create enduring value for all stakeholders of The Hartford.

Customer Engagement

We gather real-time feedback on our performance at critical customer touch points across all lines of business. Transactional surveys create alerts when a customer has unresolved issues or questions. We continue to average 50,000 completed surveys every month, many including feedback from customers. Employees and managers across the company use this feedback to drive performance and process improvement.

Customer Resilience and Protection

The Hartford provides insurance protection to help people prevail through unexpected challenges. We help our customers take the first steps toward rebuilding their homes, businesses and communities. We also leverage technology and innovation to expand our capabilities and support our customers in their own sustainability journeys.
The Hartford’s 2022 Future of Benefits Study unpacked the latest challenge facing companies – retaining their workforce during a time of tremendous employee turnover. It explored the reasons that were driving workers to switch jobs amid what many referred to as the “Great Resignation,” how disconnects between employers and workers about company culture and retention were helping to fuel turnover, as well as the continued importance of mental health and employee benefits.


Our philanthropy strategy is grounded in our commitment to advancing social equity. We apply our knowledge, data and expertise to improving access to resources and opportunities that help create stronger, more resilient individuals, businesses and communities. More than 70% of our corporate philanthropic contributions go toward initiatives that help people overcome barriers to achievement stemming from mental, physical, socioeconomic and racial inequities.
We set a goal to impact the lives of 10 million people between 2018 and 2022. Through employee volunteerism and corporate philanthropic donations, we ultimately achieved this goal, benefiting 11 million lives over five years. We are now casting a new goal to positively impact an additional 5 million people by the end of 2025.