Adaptive Sports

The Hartford's Adaptive Sports Program

Inspiring Human Achievement Through Adaptive Sports

We’re making adaptive equipment and sports more accessible.
The Hartford's Adaptive Sports Program

Advancing the Adaptive Sports Movement

As a leading disability insurer and advocate for the adaptive sports movement for more than 30 years, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that sports can have on people.
Pieces of adaptive sports equipment donated over the past five years.
Communities across the U.S. were gifted adaptive equipment.
People supported through our adaptive sports program.
The Hartford and Move United Partnership

Gifting Adaptive Equipment

We’ve partnered with Move United to provide adaptive sports equipment and grants to more than 50 communities across the country – and we’re just getting started.
“Accessing adapted sports equipment and competitive opportunities are often the largest obstacles for individuals with disabilities to push what's possible and experience the transformative power of sports.”
– Glenn Merry, Executive Director, Move United
Celebrating Adaptive Athletes

Celebrating Adaptive Athletes

Our World Champion Team Hartford athletes are helping us raise awareness about equity in sports to inspire the next generation of athletes and celebrate human achievement.
Elevating Adaptive Sports Competition

Elevating Adaptive Sports Competition

We’re excited to help host The Hartford Adaptive Sports Competition Series, made possible by our partnership with Move United and local organizing committees in cities across the country. This series provides thousands of athletes the opportunity to compete in multiple sports, participate in clinics and receive national classification.