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Why The Hartford Is the Best Place to Work in Tech

Why The Hartford Is the Best Place to Work in Tech

Seven tech and data employees discuss what the “best place to work in IT” means to them.
Why The Hartford Is the Best Place to Work in Tech
Each year, The Hartford is recognized with many accolades acknowledging the company’s culture and commitments to our employees and communities. Our place on Forbes’ list of Most “Just” companies as the top insurer, on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality List and score of 100% on the Disability Equality Index are a few examples that illustrate what it’s like to work at The Hartford.
The Hartford has also been named on Computerworld’s list of Best Places to Work in IT for the last three years, based on a comprehensive analysis of career development opportunities, diversity, equity and inclusion, retention, training and benefits.
Everyone on our team has their own reasons why these accolades celebrating innovation in The Hartford’s Tech and Data teams are deserved. While each may have a different answer, one thing is clear – there has never been a better time to work in a tech role in insurance.

Meet Our Team

Kuda, an assistant vice president of Data Science
Kuda, an assistant vice president of Data Science, has worked for the company for three years.
Carlos, an assistant vice president of Data Science, Personal Lines
Carlos, an assistant vice president of Data Science, Personal Lines, has been with the company for almost three years.
Eric, a release train engineer
Eric, a release train engineer, has been an employee for almost eight years.
Gagan, a manager of Database Management
Gagan, a manager of Database Management, has worked with the company for 14 years.
John, an assistant vice president of Group Benefits IT
John, an assistant vice president of Group Benefits IT, has been with The Hartford for three years.
Sam, a director of IT Engineering
Sam, a director of IT Engineering, has worked at The Hartford for eight years.
Madhu, a senior staff software engineer
Madhu, a senior staff software engineer, has worked at The Hartford for four years.
Why do you choose to work for The Hartford?
Kuda: I work in data science and we feel like the rock stars of our organization. The Hartford values and prioritizes our work in a way that gives greater meaning to what we do.
Gagan: I love working for The Hartford. It provides constant opportunities to play around with the latest technologies. The work environment is also one where colleagues truly care about each other. I’ve never been surrounded by so many authentic and nice people in my career.
Eric: I feel I am part of something bigger than myself and can directly see how the work my team and I do impacts our customers. The senior leaders I have worked with actively pave the path of my career, identifying the next opportunity for me before I even start looking for myself. I couldn’t imagine a better company to have started – and continue to grow – my career with.
John: The Hartford quickly utilizes new software tools and cutting-edge technologies to ensure you are never bored in your IT job. This year all IT Managers and above were challenged to become AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified, which is a major step towards moving to the cloud. We have introduced AWS Cloud solutions, DevSecOps and Scaled Agile methodologies which have significantly transformed how we deliver software to meet the ever-changing industry.
What separates The Hartford from other companies that makes us one of the best places to work in IT?
Sam: The Hartford feels alive and full of energy. You’re allowed to be who you are and bring your whole self to work. Even now with most of the company working remotely, we still get the same camaraderie in our meetings and on our happy-hour after-work calls.
John: Our IT teams faces challenges, but this challenging environment is rewarded with a culture of celebrating success. The celebrations add a new meaning to being part of a team and show how employees are valued.
Madhu: One example is in how we have implemented scaled agile (aka: SaFe), which is great methodology where we work with our business partners very closely. The combination of technology availability, freedom of innovation and a good culture makes The Hartford different and motivates and attracts people to work here.
Carlos: Investments in our talent, technology and the inclusive and collaborative culture of the organization make The Hartford a great place to work and develop your career.
Kuda: Almost every company talks about how important data and analytics is to their success. At The Hartford, however, our leaders put their words into action by investing in expansive cloud technologies to enhance our data platform.
What do you enjoy most about the work culture at The Hartford?
Sam: We are a well-established company, but IT at The Hartford is growing so there is ample opportunity to work on new and exciting projects. Learning is encouraged, be it through training campaigns, formal classes, leadership development programs, tuition reimbursement for continued education or coaching and mentoring. This willingness to share and grow all employees is a core part of the culture of The Hartford.
Gagan: I enjoy the work-life balance, benefits, wonderful people and a mission that lines up well with my personal values. Being a mother of a child with a developmental disability and an infant, I have flexibility around work and can still accelerate my career.
Eric: I enjoy the authenticity of the culture the most. The principles The Hartford stands for are not just talk – we put action behind our words. I’ve been incredibly impressed and grateful that The Hartford has increased the mental health resources available to us and continually works to break the stigma of asking for help if needed.
Carlos: When I joined The Hartford, I was impressed by the way performance is measured, which includes both results and behaviors. The behaviors we exhibit to deliver results matter. For example, being courageous to challenge the status quo and influencing change in the organization is highly valued, especially in a business that is transforming.
How have you personally experienced why The Hartford is consistently recognized for our culture and commitments?
Kuda: The Hartford is always investing in upgrading our existing technologies, improving the linkage between data and analytics and ensuring we have as seamless a deployment framework as we can. This constant improvement and investment underlines just how integral the technology function is to the organization and its goals.
Eric: Technology at The Hartford is laser-focused on putting our customers – internal or external – at the center of everything we do. We’ve evolved our digital capabilities over the years to be market leading. We operate with a “One Team” mentality, which results in a better outcome and experience for everyone involved.
Carlos: The Hartford provides employees with an environment that encourages and celebrates innovation, big or small. We introduced analytics hackathons, where in one day a multi-disciplinary analytics team would identify a use case with business partners, whiteboard a recipe and prototype the solution. The benefits were countless, including talent development, collaboration, strengthened partnerships and business impact. Hackathons are also fun and have a positive impact on employee engagement.
Madhu: We have Courageous Conversation Circles and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to build our network. The Hartford cares and supports its employees while challenging us to grow along with the company.
Gagan: Looking at the awards, they clearly depict that at The Hartford, we are leaders and not followers. The Hartford is committed to supporting an inclusive culture and providing a level playing field for all.
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