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Cultural Institutions Face Unique Risks

Your cultural institution or museum opens its doors to many visitors, so you face unique risks. Visitors can slip and fall. Credit card information can get stolen. Property damage can occur to your museum’s fine art.
Museum insurance is a type of seguro de negocio that helps protect you from these risks. You can feel confident knowing we’re here to respond if your museum’s collection gets damaged.

Museum Insurance

Having proper insurance coverage is essential to keeping your doors open and exhibits protected. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for museum insurance. It can be a combination of specific coverages that address your institution’s unique needs. At a minimum, museum insurance includes property and liability insurance coverage to help protect your museum’s:
  • Building
  • Exhibits displayed, on loan or in storage
  • Empleados
  • Guests
It’s important that you have a comprehensive insurance plan that addresses different types of risk. Coverage might only protect you against “named perils.” There are also different levels of insurance coverage, such as:
  • All-risk, which broadly insures against damage to collections and exhibits.
  • Broad property and fine arts coverage, which includes your museum displays and exhibits on loan or in transit.
When you select museum insurance, work with insurance companies or insurance agents to make sure you’re getting the right coverage for your institution.
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Recommended Cultural Organization and Museum Insurance Coverage

Property Coverage

This coverage helps protect the property your cultural organization owns or leases. It also helps protect equipment you use to run your institution, such as inventory, furniture and fixtures. You can tailor commercial property coverage to fit the specific needs of your cultural institution.
For example, your policy can include coverage if your organization or institution:
  • Is unable to process electronic data.
  • Loses income due to interrupted utility services.
  • Can’t complete transactions because of damaged transmission lines.

General Liability Coverage

Nuestra página Responsabilidad general Choice® policy helps cover property damage, including:
  • Damage to rented properties
  • Accidents related to running your cultural organization
This insurance policy can also help protect your organization’s assets if you’re sued for:
  • Lesiones corporales
  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Misrepresentation in advertising
General Liability Choice® covers any employees listed on your policy, and you can extend coverage to others when you need to.

Responsabilidad profesional

Professional liability insurance helps protect your cultural organization or museum if you're sued for the services you provide. This could include:
  • Acting inappropriately
  • Making an error
  • Omitting something important

Cyber Liability Coverage

This coverage helps cover common cyber liability risks, including:
  • Loss of data
  • Malicious code
  • Hardware theft
If identifiable employee or client data is lost or stolen, cyber liability insurance can help cover costs related to:
  • Notifying impacted individuals
  • Running public relations
  • Paying penalties or lawsuits

Additional Solutions for Cultural Organizations

Seguro de compensación para trabajadores

We’re a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance, which covers employees if they get a work-related injury or illness. This insurance program also helps reduce your liability for a work-related injury or illness.
We offer businesses payment flexibility through XactPAY® at no extra cost. This lets you pay-as-you-go for your workers’ comp policy and can help you better manage cash flow.

Commercial Auto Coverage

This helps cover vehicles that you use, lease, rent or borrow for your cultural organization. At no additional cost, el seguro comercial para automóviles also helps cover:
  • Electronic equipment
  • Lease and loan gaps
You can also take advantage of specialized services to help you improve driver safety at your business.

Multinational Coverage

We offer U.S.-based businesses broad insurance solutions, whether you need to cover employees traveling abroad or an entire overseas enterprise. We can help you find the right package of protection, such as our:
  • Passport Package
  • Controlled Master Policy
Más información sobre multinational insurance.

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