Arborist or Landscaping Business Insurance

Arborist or Landscaping Business Insurance

Arborists and Landscapers Face a Broad Range of Risks

Architects & Engineering Firms Face Serious Risks Architects and engineering firms face many serious risks such as lost data, on-site accidents, claims, and lawsuits that can significantly impact their business. Even so, they can rest assured that The Hartford is here to help businesses reduce risks and prevail through crises and unexpected events.
Arborist or Landscaping Business Insurance

Recommended Coverage for Landscaping or Arborist Businesses

Helps cover property damage, including damage to rented properties, and accidents related to running a landscaping or arborist business.1 Coverage from The Hartford can also help protect business assets in the event of a lawsuit for claims of negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, omissions and more. This coverage can be customized to meet the needs of almost any tree or landscaping business including: 
  • An aggregate limit that applies per project, rather than to all projects as a group
  • Automatic additional insured status for your work – including products-completed operations – when required by written contract.
  • Waiver of subrogation when contractually required in writing.
1 Must be written to qualify for program.
Our Property Choice® Insurance coverage helps protect the property a tree care or landscaping company owns and leases, including things like equipment, tools, inventory, furniture, and fixtures.
Property Choice offers coverage extensions and specialized industry additional coverage options such as:
  • Contractors Tools and Equipment
  • Employees Personal Property
  • Lock and Keys
  • Miscellaneous Unnamed Premises
Helps cover the vehicles that a business owns, leases, rents or borrows – on the road and off. At no additional cost, commercial auto insurance helps cover electronic equipment in vehicles, along with lease and loan gaps. The Hartford provides a wide range of specialized services designed to help businesses improve their drivers’ safety. For tree care and landscaping firms, we offer optional auto pollution liability coverage.
Helps protect landscapers and arborists tools and equipment including coverage for things like chainsaws, chippers, and cranes.
Helps increase a business’s liability protection when a lawsuit maxes out the limits of the business’s underlying coverage.
Helps protect against bodily injury and property damage caused by the application of pesticides and herbicides on a client’s property.
Helps repair or replace trees, lawns or plants accidentally damaged or destroyed during the course of a job.

Additional Solutions for Landscaping or Arborist Businesses

Helps cover business property damaged during shipment. 
By adding Data Breach coverage to The Hartford’s Commercial General Liability policy, we can help a business comply with regulatory requirements, provide guidance on how to prevent and handle a breach, and cover response and liability expenses to quickly restore confidence in our policyholder’s business.
For arborists and landscaping businesses that conduct business online, our Cyber Liability option helps cover common risks to those businesses including loss of data due to things like computer viruses, malicious code or hardware theft. It also covers costs associated with the loss or theft of personally identifiable employee or client data including notifying victims, lawsuits, and public relations costs.
Helps protect tree care and landscaping companies against loss from employee theft and things like computer fraud and forgery.
Helps cover tree care and landscape company employees if kidnapped here in the U.S. and while traveling abroad on business.
Also known as business interruption insurance, this coverage from The Hartford helps protect against lost income if an arborist or landscaping business cannot operate because of a covered loss.
Helps cover lost business income if the company is not able to conduct business due to an interruption in utility services.
Helps cover the costs to recover or reconstruct accounts receivable records that are lost or damaged by a covered event, so businesses are able to reissue invoices and collect outstanding balances.
The Hartford’s innovative Risk Engineering team strives to help companies run safer and ultimately more profitable businesses with loss control services that include risk exposure evaluations, consultations, and recommendations for improving businesses’ safety and security. Learn more about our loss control support services.

For Smaller Firms

Smaller landscaping & arborist firms typically require specialized insurance coverage.
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