Advocating for Mental Health

Focusing on Mental Health To Help Improve Lives

Advancing Culture Change

Mental health is linked to company culture, productivity and organizational performance. It’s why we believe U.S. employers must proactively advance cultural changes and invest in employee mental health.
Focusing on Mental Health To Help Improve Lives

Partnering To Dispel Stigma

As a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) stigma-free partner, we’re helping employers understand how to dispel stigma in the workplace, which can be a barrier for help.
Identifying Barriers Mental Health

Identifying Barriers to Mental Health Resources

Nuestra página 2022 study with our nonprofit partner NAMI explores how race, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds affect individual perceptions and experiences of mental health. We dug even deeper into the experiences of Black U.S. workers in this report. We are sharing our data on worker wellness with employers across the U.S. and emphasizing the need for greater equity and inclusion in the workplace.
Our head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion outlines key actions for employers to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce that supports workplace mental health.

A Divide Between Employers and Employees

Nuestra página 2022 survey shows that U.S. employers think they are supporting mental health. However, U.S. workers feel that companies are falling short on access, flexibility and resources, and they don’t feel business leaders are taking appropriate action to dispel stigma.
Our research found 71% of employers feel the deteriorating mental health of their workforce is having a negative financial impact on their company.
We believe the future of work depends on employers investing in U.S. workers’ mental health. That’s why we are sharing our claims data, original research and expertise in order to help other companies create stigma-free cultures.
Public-Private Collaboration to Address Mental Health and Addiction Crisis

Collaborating To Address the Mental Health and Addiction Crisis

We believe real change happens when private and public sectors work together on solutions. That’s why we sponsored The Hill’s gathering of U.S. policymakers and mental health and addiction experts. Watch Swift’s interview at The Hill event where he talks about mental health being a significant workplace issue.

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