Advocating for Mental Health

Advocating for Mental Health

Making Mental Health a Priority

Mental health is linked to company culture, productivity, and organizational performance. That’s why it’s so important for employers to advance cultural changes and invest in well-being efforts that help employees stay healthy, feel safe and connect with each other.
Advocating for Mental Health

The Hartford’s Research Shows:

Of Gen Z workers don’t believe their employers care about their mental health.
Of LGBTQ+ workers say news and current events affects their mental health at work.
Of U.S. workers believe employers should provide more mental health tools.
Identifying Barriers Mental Health

Identifying Barriers to Mental Health Resources

We’re continuously sharing our data on worker wellness to emphasize the need for greater equity and inclusion in the workplace. In our national encuesta with our nonprofit partner NAMI, almost half of LGBTQ+ workers said news and current events affects their mental health at work. That investigación also found that U.S. Black workers face greater barriers to finding mental health support.
“All Americans deserve safe, supportive and mentally healthy work environments. By sharing data that illustrates the intersection of mental health and people’s identities, we strive to promote empathy and equity in more workplaces. It is vital that companies continue to break down stigma and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, we can make a difference and improve the lives of millions of U.S. employees and their families.”

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