Portable Storage Containers

Who We Serve

Small, midsize and large portable storage container businesses.

Our Appetite

UNITS franchises deliver portable storage containers to customer’s locations, where the customer will then fill the container and lock it. The UNITs franchise will either move the container for the customer or bring it back to their facility for long term storage. Moves are local, with the corporate franchise facilitating long distance moving. Local distance is preferred. 
  • 100% of receipts from rental, moving and storage of the UNITs containers. 
  • Generates minimum total account premium of $10,000 for new and/or renewal accounts.

Our Solution

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Propiedad
  • Compensación para trabajadores
  • Autos comerciales
  • Integral
  • Inland Marine
Additional coverages include:
  • Auto Loss of Use coverage
  • Sales and Disposal Coverage
  • Warehouse Legal Liability
  • Motor Cargo

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Dedicated program underwriters
  • Experienced program administrator dedicated to the industry
  • Guaranteed-cost rating plan structure

Who to Contact

Contact the program administrator to request an appointment:
Smith Brothers Insurance, LLC
Aaron Orchinik, Program Administrator 
68 National Drive
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Teléfono: 856-874-8653