Small Business HartMob

Showing Big Love for Small Business

We’re supporting our small business customers in ways that go above and beyond the insurance policy.
Small Business HartMob
Rallying Support for Our Small Business Customers

Rallying Support for Our Small Business Customers

Our employees become customers of the small businesses we insure, encouraging their friends and family to do the same.
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Using Our Business Expertise for Good

For more than 30 years, we’ve specialized in small business insurance. We understand small businesses and recognize how critical they are to the success of their communities.
“We cannot thank The Hartford enough for highlighting our small business by sharing our story with your employees and the HartMob team. Sales and interest in our business increased and we truly felt the love from a BIG business to small.”
– Terri and Nanci, Co-Rockers, Off Our Rocker Cookies
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Raising Visibility

Through in-person and virtual shopping events, exclusive customer-employee meet and greets, featured content in newsletters, podcasts and town halls, we continue to find more ways to show our small business customers that we are committed to their success.

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