Cómo crear un inventario del hogar

Why Do I Need a Home Inventory?

A home inventory is a list of everything inside your house. From furniture and electronics to jewelry and valuables, a home inventory list outlines all your possessions. If you’re experiencing a disaster, it may be hard to remember everything in your home, but having a home inventory helps you know exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced.
Keeping an up-to-date and accurate home inventory is important for a number of reasons. It can help:
  • Settle claims faster and more accurately.
  • Verify losses for your income tax return.
  • Make an informed decision on how much seguro de viviendas coverage you need.
It also helps because you’ll have a detailed list ready if you suffer an unexpected loss, and you won’t have to worry about creating it during a stressful time.

What Is Included in a Home Inventory Checklist?

A thorough home inventory includes as much detail as possible. All the items listed are photographed and have their make and model numbers recorded. It’s better to have as much information as possible, so if anything is damaged or needs to be replaced due to a loss, you’ll have everything you need. To ensure your checklist doesn’t get ruined, store it on a memory stick or in a fire proof box.
Here are some helpful tips when creating your home inventory:
  • Take it one room at a time. You’ll quickly get overwhelmed if you try to write down every single thing you own. Instead, start in one area and make your way through your house.
  • Don’t forget storage spaces. Don’t overlook drawers, cabinets or closets. You most likely have some important items in there, and you should include them in your inventory.
  • Write down the serial and model numbers. Big items, like electronics, typically have a serial and model number. Writing these down or taking a photo of them can help prove you own the item and check its value.
  • There’s no such thing as too much. It may seem strange to include small items in your inventory, like dinner plates and cups, but it’s important. In addition to your large items like furniture, electronics and appliances, consider including as much of what you own as possible.
  • You can bulk items together. Your inventory can become taxing if you’re trying to document every individual plate or shirt you own. For these types of items, like books, clothing and kitchen utensils, you can note the number and estimated total for all. Group your similar items together and then take a photo for your inventory.

Should I Use a Home Inventory App?

Home Inventory ChecklistTechnology can be helpful in creating a home inventory. Our phones, tablets and computers make it easy to take photos or download apps that can help keep your home inventory organized and easy to update.
Apps allow you to save your home inventory in one place and easily add photos to your list. And, with a home inventory stored electronically, you’ll have access to it even if your home is lost due to a disaster.
These popular home inventory apps and software can help you keep track of your possessions:
  • Home Inventory. Available on macOS and iOS, this app makes it easy for you to track your possessions, make notes and upload photos and receipts.
  • Sortly. Available on iOS and Android, this app lets you organize your home using folders and subfolders. Focused on organization, it also makes it easier to find items within your inventory.
  • Memento Database. Available on IOS, Android and desktop, this app offers thousands of templates with the ability to color code information, allowing you to easily store and edit your inventory.
You can also create a home inventory to record all of your items. This article walks you through how much detail to include and provides a worksheet with prompts for any additional helpful information you should have.
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