Scott Infusino

Scott became an instructor for HSI in 2004 after spending more than 15 years developing extensive underwriting, sales and management skills in a variety of roles in the insurance industry. He began his career in 1989 as a Select Customer Underwriter and was later promoted to Senior Underwriter in the Western New York Regional Office. Scott also took on broader responsibilities when he held the positions of Underwriting and Sales Manager and Assistant Director for Small Commercial Operations. In addition to a degree in Graphic Design, Scott holds the industry specific degree of Associate in Underwriting (AU).
Scott describes his teaching style as energetic and encourages participation in the classroom – something he says differentiates HSI from other insurance training programs and is made possible by HSI’s small class sizes (18 students per class on average).
“It gives you that ability to connect with the students one-on-one, allowing the instructor to provide a customized experience,” said Infusino. “We provide an individualized experience with our interactive training, and we do that a lot better than everyone else.”

The First Small Commercial School

One of the reasons that Scott remains so passionate about his job is that it’s a dynamic environment that continues to offer challenges.
“I always like to be challenged and never want to be in job that is stagnant,” said Infusino. “It’s what initially drew me to HSI and it continues to drive me, enabling me to stay excited with what I am doing.”
One dynamic change to HSI programs took place in 2014: On April 7, Infusino taught HSI’s first Small Business Coverage Specialist School in Rosemont, IL. The program was launched in January 2014 and is designed to help agency professionals acquire technical insurance and sales knowledge to address the needs of small business owners.
Scott, based on his varied experience in many facets of the insurance industry, will be well-equipped to provide agents with the knowledge, tools and strategies to meet the specific needs of small business owners. For example, as an Assistant Director, he helped the field develop goals and achieve results based on their sales numbers and worked with regional offices, helping them with tools, rate relief, new conversion forms, and more.
The experience helps Scott provide his students with real-life examples of how to apply knowledge and tools to situations in their day-to-day jobs.

Making a Difference

Scott finds it particularly rewarding when students who graduate from HSI programs reach out to him to describe how they are successful in their professional roles.
“It’s absolutely one of the parts of the job that I love,” said Scott. “It gives me immense satisfaction when they land a big account and did it because of something they learned in my class. It’s a very fulfilling part of the job.”
He recently received a phone call from a former student who was opening a policy and initially wasn’t sure what items should be included, but by opening their notes from the HSI course Infusino had taught, they were able to find the answers.
“It is great to hear something that I did making a difference and influencing people’s lives,” said Infusino.
Scott’s energy and discipline extend beyond the classroom. He is into weight training and bikes 15-20 miles daily; he’s also into CrossFit and paddleboarding.
When not teaching or exercising, Scott can be found settling into his new home outside of Nashville, TN.
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