What Makes the Best Insurance Companies for Independent Agents?

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What You Should Know When Looking for the Best Insurance Companies for Independent Agents

Best companies for independent insurance agentsWhen you become an independent agent, you can sell insurance products from a range of insurance companies. That means you compare different insurers when working with your clients to get them the best coverage for their needs.
For example, if your client is looking for car insurance coverage for their business, you can show them commercial auto insurance quotes from various insurers. Because not all insurers are the same, your client will be able to easily compare quotes and coverage details. Having more information gives them the chance to buy the coverage that meets their small business’ needs.
So, how do you find the best companies for independent insurance agents? You’ll need to look for an insurer that offers:
  • A team of sales and underwriters focused on helping you grow
  • Access to tools and technology that makes quoting easy and fast
  • Market-leading products and coverages
At The Hartford, we offer all of that and more.

Top Qualities of the Best Insurance Companies to Work For

Best insurance companies to work forIf you’re an independent agent, you can look for the top qualities that make us one of the best companies to work with. This includes:
Offering different types of small business insurance coverage that can help address various risks that small business owners face.
Agency Revenue growth to help independent agents succeed.
Support for independent agents to help them thrive, like working with insurance underwriters who have strong local market knowledge.
Technology to make quoting faster and create tailored solutions for clients.

Why the Top Insurance Companies to Work With Are Not the Same for Everyone

Top insurance companies to work forNot everyone who sells insurance is looking for the same experience when it comes to working with an insurance company.
One of the first differences you may find between insurance carriers is how they work with a captive agent vs. independent agent. Some insurers may prefer to work more with independent agencies, while others may have a network of captive agents.
Captive agents can only sell the insurance products that the insurer they work for offers. The benefit to this is they’re experts at the types of insurance coverage offered. Independent insurance agencies have the flexibility to sell products from various insurers, giving their clients more options.

What Makes The Hartford the Best Insurance Company to Work With?

Best insurance company to work forWorking with The Hartford means having the support and protection to grow and succeed. We understand the unique challenges that insurance agents face. It’s why we’ve developed tools to help make their jobs easier. And we can also help you protect your clients with different types of insurance, including:
Become an appointed agency and see why The Hartford is one of the best insurance companies to work with.
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