The Hartford Service 360

The Hartford Service 360

Delivering the Right Service at the Right Moment

Coverage is only part of the equation. Consistent service in moments of need is what completes the experience.
The Hartford Service 360

Our Commitment to Service

The coverage and industry knowledge we provide agents and clients is crucial to their businesses – but it’s only one piece of our relationship.
Service – delivered how and when it’s needed – is what helps insureds take full advantage of what they’ve purchased. We combine our coverage and deep industry specialization with service capabilities designed to deliver the most value at every step of the customer journey.
Our commitment creates a holistic and consultative experience that’s distinctly ours, building trust and respect that can stand the test of time.
Our Commitment to Service

Service Account Executives

Our Service Account Executive team provides service and relationship management to loss sensitive accounts. We’ll provide responsive interactions and deliver an easy-to-navigate tailored service experience – an asset for agents and brokers when delivering to clients.


We know each account that an agent or broker handles is unique. It’s why we create tailored claims services for each account need. And only our most experienced adjusters focus on complex claims. Our specialists:
  • Analyze claims
  • Address the loss drivers
  • Develop tailored solutions to help lower costs


Our underwriters are empowered with the right tools and technology to provide the best-in-class support. We enable our underwriters to be exceptional at their craft and deliver timely responses on accounts that deliver results-oriented solutions.

Digital Solutions

We offer many digital solutions to make the jobs of agents and brokers easier and more efficient.
El documento Electronic Business Center (EBC) is a platform that allows agents and brokers to complete simplified tasks, including:
  • Viewing policy activity and reports
  • Tracking and submit endorsements
  • Making policy changes
  • Accessing billing statements
Mi Cuenta meets the needs of insureds and offers easy online service, including real-time policy changes and reminders.
TREO which stands for Track Risk. Explore OpportunitiesSM is our risk management information system (RMIS). It’s designed to provide:
  • Rich data
  • Robust functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Simplified claims management

IoT Solutions

Nuestra página IoT Innovation Lab actively finds ways for technology to help customers proactively prevent claims. Our team provides actionable insight to help mitigate risks and reduce losses.

Health Services

Our Health Services team delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities in the workers’ compensation and disability markets to help improve worker health and productivity. Employers can experience a lower total cost of risk through injury prevention solutions and our integrated claim offering, The Hartford Productivity Advantage.


We’re committed to creating differentiated experiences with speed and ease. So, we provide a single point-of-contact for service inquiries and escalations. This allows us to provide personalized service throughout the new business process, which leads to subsequent endorsement requests and policy renewals.

Premium Audit

Through a high-touch model, we communicate proactively and act in a responsive manner for our partners. Insureds, agents and underwriters will have a better understanding of what to expect during a premium audit and what to expect at every step of the process. For complex accounts, they’ll go through a specialized audit model, which includes a post-audit consultation.

Ingeniería de riesgo

We’re deeply invested in risk engineering services to help businesses reduce claims. Our Ingeniería de riesgo team understands why things go wrong and can provide loss control services to create the safest work environment possible.

It’s All Here – Our Winning Combination

At The Hartford, it’s more than having all the capabilities you and your clients need. It’s about bringing them together in a way that delivers better outcomes and seamless service experiences beyond your client’s expectations.
It’s about demonstrating day in and day out just what our commitment to partnering with you looks like.
And that’s a win for all of us.
To learn more about our service and capabilities, contact your division executive or regional vice president from The Hartford.
For inquiries on service, email
If you need to register for the EBC, please call 877-322-4833.