Expansion Videos

choosing advisors

Paul Quintero on Choosing Advisors

It's easy to choose an advisor, it's difficult to choose a good one. Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, offers his thoughts on making the right choice.
mentorship video

Gene Marks on Mentorship

Should you have a mentor? "Yes" says business expert Gene Marks, but finding one may not be so easy …
Asking for Help

Barbara Weltman on Asking for Help

Have you just started a business? Ask for help! Business expert Barbara Weltman outlines some of the resources available to business owners.
Small Business Risks

Gene Marks on Small Business Risks

Dealing with the risks that come with running your own business can be difficult and stressful. Business expert Gene Marks believes that the key to coping is "looking ahead."
New Technology

Gene Marks on New Technology

Wondering how changes in technology will affect your business? Check out what business expert Gene Marks has to say on how new technology will impact old school business owners.
One-Person Businesses

Gene Marks on One-Person Businesses

As a business of one, your biggest challenge is time. Find out what business expert Gene Marks suggests on how to manage time effectively.
Going Green

Barbara Weltman on Going Green

Many businesses are "going green" these days. Business expert Barbara Weltman describes options to help you save money and the environment.
Buying a Franchise

Paul Quintero on Buying a Franchise

Can't decide between starting a business and opening a franchise? Paul Quintero, CEO of Accion East, details the ins and outs of franchises.
Vision Statements

Gene Marks on Vision Statements

No matter how cliché or corny vision statements may seem, business expert Gene Marks believes that they are critical to the success of your business.
Increasing Authenticity

Gene Marks on Increasing Authenticity

Customers need to feel that they are heard and understood. Business expert Gene Marks explains why authenticity is important in running a small business.
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