Barbara Weltman on Going Green

Many businesses are "going green" these days. Business expert Barbara Weltman describes options to help you save money and the environment.

Video Transcript

Some people think when you green your business, you’re doing it for the community, the world, or whatever, but it makes good business sense. You can think of ways to save money that are green. For example, look at your travel. Does it make sense to drive or take a plane? Or can you avoid travel entirely by meeting virtually with customers and clients, using various online tools to help you do this? So, think about your travel expenses. Think about some of your other big expenses. Electricity, for example. By just changing the thermostat, you can save dollars and that’s a step going green. Think about paper, the paper that you use and how you use it. Printing on both sides of paper [makes sound] is, is a saver, not only for the environment, but also money for your business. And then you want to think about buying green. In other words, check with to check on the energy ratings of machinery and items that you’re thinking of buying, whether it’s a printer or some other piece of machinery.

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