Program Business Overview

Who We Serve

We provide tailored solutions to accounts that have higher-hazard, hard to place exposures or require specialized underwriting on a guaranteed-cost basis. Each program is specifically designed to cover unique homogenous risks. Programs are structured as:
  • Open Access available directly to all Hartford agents.
  • Administered available through a particular Program Administrator/Managing General Agent and accessible to all Hartford agents.

Our Appetite

  • General liability is the preferred lead line
  • Higher-hazard exposures
  • Small, midsize and large businesses
Specific classes including, but not limited to:

Open Access Programs

  • Alarm Contractors
  • Arborist & Landscaper
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Equipment & Party Rental
  • Express Program: For Alarm, Arborist & Landscaper, and Pool & Spa businesses with premiums in the $5,000 - $50,000 range
  • Pool & Spa Contractors
  • Specialized Truck Equipment & Trailers

Administered Programs

  • Adaptive Mobility
  • Architects & Engineers (ACEC)
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Charter First School
  • Railroad Contractors
  • Security Guards

Our Solution

Our full range of products available:
  • Responsabilidad general
  • Autos comerciales
  • Compensación a trabajadores
  • Propiedad
  • Inland Marine
  • Integral

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Servicing program business for more than three decades
  • Broad industry appetite
  • Dedicated program underwriters
  • Guaranteed-cost rating plan structure
  • Specialized coverages

Who to Contact

Contact your Program underwriter. If you need help identifying your underwriter e-mail us at