Program Business Overview

Program Business Overview

Partnering for Success

Our specialized underwriting approach and customized policies are designed to provide our partners and their clients with tailored coverage solutions.
Program Business Overview

Who We Serve

We provide tailored solutions to accounts that have higher-hazard, hard-to-place exposures or require specialized underwriting on a guaranteed-cost basis. Each program is specifically designed to cover unique homogenous risks.

Our Appetite

  • General liability is the preferred lead line
  • Higher-hazard exposures
  • Small, midsize and large businesses

Our Full Range of Products Available

  • Responsabilidad general
  • Autos comerciales
  • Compensación para trabajadores
  • Propiedad
  • Inland Marine
  • Integral

Open Access Programs

Open access programs are available directly to all Hartford agents.

Administered Programs 

Administered programs are available through a particular Program Administrator/Managing General Agent. For information about our administered programs, please contact the program administrator or contact The Hartford’s program underwriter aquí.