Security Guards

Who We Serve

Small, midsize and large security guard operations

Our Appetite

A program designed for private security guards, investigators and background screening operations.

  • SIC Code 7381
  • Minimum workers’ compensation annual premium is $2,500
  • Not available in Alaska and Hawaii

Our Solution

  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation and employers' liability for Security Guards
  • The Hartford’s Team•WorkSM Return-to-Work program focuses on injured employees’ abilities and uses transitional work duties to get injured employees back to earning a paycheck as soon as medically appropriate
  • Access to more than 50,000 pharmacies
  • Experienced risk engineering consultants

Why Choose The Hartford

  • Dedicated program underwriters
  • Experienced program administrator dedicated to the industry
  • Guaranteed-cost rating plan structure

Who to Contact

Contact the program administrator to request an appointment:

The Mechanic Group
Marc Katz, Program Administrator
One Blue Hill Plaza, Suite 530
Pearl River, NY 10965
Teléfono: 800-214-0207
Fax: 845-735-8383