Errors & Omissions

From every angle, our errors & omissions (professional liability) coverage is a wise choice for your clients. It starts with our experienced underwriters who have specialized knowledge in the industry. Their expertise brings a better understanding of what risks your clients face, allowing us to develop solutions tailored for their unique needs. Our underwriters also have significant authority, handling new and emerging risks and delivering the quick turnarounds you need, so you can feel confident in the coverage you’re providing while you build long-term partnerships with your clients.

Excess Coverage

The Hartford Premier ExcessSM Policy

Target: Public and private organizations of all sizes
In today's challenging environment, seamless excess coverage is particularly important for managing enterprise, legal and regulatory risks. The Hartford’s new simple, follow form Premier ExcessSM Policy provides market-leading protection to help streamline your process for placing excess coverage over most management and professional liability products, including:
Policy highlights include:
  • A concise one-sentence follow form insuring agreement;
  • Streamlined exhaustion wording; and
  • Less excess baggage, with a limited number of provisions;
  • User-friendly form saves you time and helps streamline your process
  • Excess Crime (Fidelity) coverage is available through The Hartford Universal Excess® Simplified Policy.
As an added benefit, this coverage is underwritten by the same knowledgeable underwriter who would handle the primary coverage.


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