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commercial surety

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commercial surety
From Main Street to Wall Street, The Hartford can meet your Commercial Surety needs with our professional team of underwriters. Various types of businesses, as well as individuals, rely on our commercial expertise to guarantee their business obligations.

Account Based Business

We are a national team supported by regionally based commercial specialists, offering large capacity and broad risk programs. Our customer base includes 1,000+ corporations,1 including a wide variety of industries and target classes such as:
  • Manufacturers
  • Servicios Financieros
  • Asistencia Médica
  • Administrators/Executors/Trustees
  • Business & Professional Services Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Brokers/Agents/Adjusters
  • Mortgage Brokers/Bankers/Lenders
  • National Homebuilders
  • Public Officials (City Clerks/Tax Collectors/Town Managers/Treasurers/Notaries)
  • Receivers/Replevins/Courts
  • Title/Escrow Agents

Transactional Business

We specialize in fast-flow transactional business with a quick turnaround, focusing on bonds with small limits and lower premiums. Our appetite is varied including but not limited to:

Product Offerings

Probate bonds are required by law to guarantee an honest accounting and faithful performance of the duties of the fiduciary in compliance with the orders of the probate court.

Examples – Administrator, Executor and Guardian
A judicial bond is generally required in civil court proceedings when a litigant seeks a special right or remedy in advance of a final court decision.

Examples – Attachment, Injunction, Replevin and Appeal
License and permit bonds are required by the federal government or by any state, country, municipality or other political subdivision as a condition precedent to the granting of a license to engage in business or a permit to exercise a particular privilege, where such business/privilege presents a risk to the public welfare.
Examples – Contractors License, Street Permit, Real Estate & Insurance Brokers and Compliance Obligation
The public official bond covers the official’s term of office and guarantees that the bonded official will faithfully perform all official duties. The public official may be elected or appointed to a full-time or part-time position. These bonds are the direct result of state statute or other type of public charter and specifically determine the exposure for a given bond.
Examples – Notary, Treasures, Tax Collectors, Sheriffs and Other Public Officials
Miscellaneous bonds are those obligations that do not clearly fall within the scope of the other bond categories. Some of these bonds are required by law and must follow the applicable statutes, ordinances or regulations.
Examples - Lost Securities, Patient Trust Fund (Nursing Homes), Concessionaries, Games of Chance
A business services bond addresses acts of theft by the principal or principal’s employees while performing services for others.
Examples – janitorial services and home health care workers
Tax bonds guarantee payment of taxes, fees and forfeitures due on merchandise in compliance with governing federal, state, city, and/or county-level laws and regulations. 
Examples: Fuel, Tobacco, Alcohol and other sales tax
These bonds secure the obligation to faithfully perform the terms and conditions of a contract.
Examples – service companies such as food service operations, bus companies, and trash haulers

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