Gene Marks on Maintaining an Online Reputation

Having an online presence means potentially exposing yourself to a great deal of negativity. Business expert Gene Marks explains how to roll with the punches.

Video Transcript

People talk about maintaining or defending their online reputation. It's very easy nowadays to – there's a lot of haters online. Very easy to have a listing on one of the popular sites and people get on there and they write, you know, bad comment about you. It's – and believe me, I've got – I write a lot, so there, you know, just Google me and you'll see there's a lot of haters. Um, I don't proscribe to doing anything to defending your online reputation. I proscribe doing what you're doing as best as you can possibly do and there will always be haters and the people that know what you do and do well will always be able to be served by you and will get it, and the people that don't, they don't get it, they don't get it. I mean, the best example I can give is – and I think about your celebrities that are out there that, um, you know, just anybody can say any stuff they want about, you know, a person. I think it must – it must – I don't care how famous or rich that you are that's – it's gotta hurt when you have people saying things about you that's completely not true at all. That's what you do – you have a lot of celebrities saying, you know, I don't even go online. I don't even read, you know, whatever, 'cause I just can't, 'cause it hurts. So, as a business owner, I think you have to expect, just like you have a reserve for bad debts and you might have a reserve for obsolete inventories, you might have a reserve for product returns, I think you have to reserve, have like a, an emotional reserve, for the fact that in this day and age where so much is said and done online about you, you're gonna have a percentage of people that are gonna say bad stuff about you and you – there's just, you'll, you'll go nuts trying to focus and, and get rid of those people. You wanna focus on the people that get you and that you can serve and make happy.

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