How to Execute Effectively

Creating a vision, setting goals, building teamwork, fostering communication, and modeling accountability … these are all important aspects of business leadership and ingredients of success. But in the end, you need to deliver. The ability to execute effectively is key.

Begin by setting standards.

Do you want your business to be a success? Then, aim high. Set high standards and measure overall and department performance against those benchmarks. Perhaps it’s delivering on orders within 24 hours, or returning all calls within one hour. Whatever the relevant goal posts are for your business, identify and communicate what they are, then hold everyone to those standards.

Performance measurement and rewards will help.

Measuring performance and recognizing and rewarding employees and departments for achieving and maintaining success will lead to better and more consistent execution. Make sure you’re focused on the most critical and relevant activities. Also, make sure that your standards are reasonable. Foster a culture of pride in performance and responsiveness to customers. Pursue excellence.

Game Plan

Think about the key elements for business success. What are they and how can you achieve excellence consistently?
Next steps:
  • Set standards that focus on consistently mastering the key elements to business success.
  • Measure and reward behavior and achievements that lead to superior results.
  • Persevere. Continual improvement on all measurable aspects of your business should be your goal. If you are focused on the right things and meet your standards, everything should fall into place.
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