How to Be Accountable and Demand Accountability

If you expect accountability from your employees, as any leader should, you need to set the tone by holding yourself accountable.

Set high standards and always be honest, especially if you come up short.

Accountability starts with you. Hold yourself accountable and you will show others what you expect of them. Aim high. Be a role model and take ownership for your actions. Don't be afraid of trying and falling short.

Nurture accountability by rewarding others for honesty and integrity.

Accountability can cascade through your organization. In addition to setting the tone through holding yourself accountable. Encourage others to take ownership for their actions including acting with integrity and honesty.

Game Plan

Accountability should be expected of everyone as a normal way of doing business. Begin with your own behavior and encourage others to follow.
Next steps:
  • Set clear goals for yourself and for the business. Share those goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving or not achieving them.
  • Once you show others in your company how accountability works, tell them it is expected of them. Then reward them and recognize them for showing accountability.
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