3. Create Intriguing Advertising

After you have defined your target customers and what you need to say to them, the strategic, left-brain work is done. It is time to unleash the right brain – or the right-brain team – and create intriguing advertising.
Producing great advertising usually begins with creating an overarching concept, or theme, that reflects your company’s or product’s unique identity. It may also showcase key benefits of your company or product. Someone at Procter & Gamble decided that the joys and pains of motherhood would be the central concept around which to wrap its corporate advertising. Thus, the brilliant “Thank You, Mom” campaign was born. Someone at John Deere thought up the pun-based but powerful tagline “Nothing Runs Like A Deere,” and that theme line has threaded through all the company’s advertising for decades.
What will your core creative concept be? An arresting visual? A great line? A breakthrough idea? Open your mind, unleash your imagination and let your inner creative free. But remember, concepts you generate need to align with your target customer and your USP.
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