5. Don't Forget Contact Information

One of the most common advertising mistakes small businesses make is omitting their contact information in the ad.
Placing contact information in your ad is so basic, it’s a wonder any businesses forget it. But they do. Imagine: A restaurant creates a great ad, buys space in a newspaper, magazine, billboard or website…and the ad doesn’t include their phone number, website URL or email address – which means that potential customers have nowhere to turn for more information. The company’s ad (and ad budget) is instantly rendered ineffective.
The moral of this story? Be sure to include your company’s contact information in your ad. For that matter, your contact info needs to go on anything and everything the public sees from your company: packaging, vehicles, signage, stationery, t-shirts and so on. Be sure your contact information is prominent and easy to read, especially in quick-view media such as vehicles and billboards.
Important note: Be sure that your contact information leads to a good experience for the potential customer. Ensure that anyone who answers your phone or greets customers in person is pleasant and knows how to answer questions about your products or services. They should be gracious and knowledgeable when providing information. Make sure your website is up and running, and that it includes the information your customers want to learn. And, if you provide an email address, be sure senders receive a prompt and complete response.

Game Plan

There is a simple game plan for remembering to include contact info in your ad: Simply write “Include contact info” on a sheet of paper and hand it to the person who is writing your ad’s copy. And check for it before your ad is submitted for publication.
Train any staff who deal directly with customers and prospects, on how to provide a good customer experience. Also, take a close look at your website; you’ll find more on this topic in the “Creating a Business Website” module.
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