4. Make Your Claims Credible

Consider this statistic: Consider this statistic: According to a Nielsen report, 63 percent of respondents trusted TV ads, 60 percent trusted newspapers and 58% trusted magazines. These statistics fell one and two percentage points from two years ago.
The fact is, it has become human nature to be skeptical of advertising. This means, it is your responsibility to be sure the messages in your advertising are believable.
Many advertisers have learned the hard way that unsupported claims erode customer trust. And once lost, it’s nearly impossible to regain. Consumers will not do business with a company they don’t trust. (Would you?)
Be warned that while you may be going overboard with creativity, it’s important to never go beyond the truth with the claims you make in your ad.

Game Plan

You and your leadership team should discuss what gives you credibility, what differentiates your company and your offerings from the competition, and what value you truly offer. The answers to these questions give you the basis for making believable yet compelling claims in your advertising.
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