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Many small business owners don’t think a data breach would impact their business. This probably means they don’t have coverage, a plan to notify those impacted by a breach or money saved for defense costs if they’re sued. See how The Hartford can help.
Help lower the chances of wire transfer fraud for your customers.
¡NUEVO! Help customers recognize wire fraud with these actual fraud scenarios.
Share best practices to help customers reduce the likelihood of wire fraud.

Product Flyer

  • Agent Flyer provides coverage detail for our data breach coverage along with our most recently added coverage options.
  • Customer Flyer provides a higher-level view of our data breach coverage and includes claim examples to help make the risk real.

Your Guide to Selling Data Breach

This is only a general description of coverages which may be provided and does not include all policy features, exclusions and conditions. Todas las coberturas son de suscripción individual. In the event of loss, the terms of the policy issued will determine the coverage provided.

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