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Total Cost of Risk

Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)

Learn how our strategic approach to manage TCOR helps customers achieve better financial outcomes today and in the future.
Total Cost of Risk

Your Partner in Business Risk Management

The Hartford helps deliver better economic outcomes by bringing together an ideal combination of flexibility, consistency and experience in managing the total cost of risk:
  • A seasoned team. With 17+ years of experience on average,1 our employees are empowered to make the right decisions. And we’re relentlessly focused on your clients’ satisfaction.
  • Consistent excellence. Change is inevitable, but surprises aren’t. Here’s what you can expect: a consistent approach to all aspects of our business. It adds up to high service ratings in claims, customer loyalty and recognition – The Hartford has been recognized as a World’s Most Ethical Company® 14 times by Ethisphere.2
  • Flexible options. We offer a variety of collateral options and coverages to meet your clients’ needs, along with exceptional Hartford claims service. They can select from our range of strong TPA partners and control risk with tailored solutions provided by our experienced Risk Engineering team.
  • Insights and solutions from big data. To effectively manage risk and control loss, large commercial businesses need customized risk management solutions that look at cost drivers from end to end. Learn more about our holistic approach to managing a customer's total cost of risk (TCOR) here.
  • A culture of innovation. The Hartford is inventive when it comes to managing risk. For instance, our proprietary data-mining and analysis tool: TREO | Track Risk. Explore Opportunities.SM is designed to simplify claims management and help your clients effectively lower loss costs.
As a result, The Hartford proudly serves a growing number of loyal business customers and has a demonstrated track record of customer retention. In fact, some of them have been with us for 60+ years.3
We partner with clients who understand the total cost of risk, the discipline of risk management, and who value high-quality risk management services.


Size (all lines loss pick): $500K - $25M
  • WC minimum retention $100K.
  • GL/Auto minimum guaranteed cost.
  • Fronted programs.
Credit Rating: B and above
Lines of Business
  • All lines, any combination (WC, GL, AL)
Risk Management Culture
  • Safety awareness (minimum standard)
Claim Handler: Bundled/Unbundled
Industry: All (few exclusions)*
* Generally out of appetite: CAT explosion exposure, underground mining, air transportation, PEOs. Enterprise exclusions: guns and ammunition, cannabis, tobacco.

Target Account Profile

Size (all lines loss pick): $1M - $10M
  • WC retention $250K+.
  • GL/Auto minimum guaranteed cost. 
Credit Rating: BB and above
Lines of Business
  • WC supported or unsupported
Risk Management Culture
  • Safety and TCOR focus
Claim Handler: Bundled/Unbundled approved TPAs
Industry: Focus on Healthcare, Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail and Services
We can help you tailor an insurance solution to the unique needs of your clients that includes:
  • Primary casualty: Workers’ compensation, general liability, products liability and automobile coverage underwritten by National Account specialists
  • Companion lines: Property, marine, excess liability, multinational, bonds, directors & officers liability and errors & omissions coverage underwritten by affiliated Hartford specialists
  • Group benefits: Disability, group life, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage underwritten by one of two issuing companies of The Hartford
Risk can play a major role in a business’s profitability. The total cost of risk (TCOR) includes a range of costs:
  • Hard costs, such as premium and cost of collateral
  • Variable costs, such as retained loss and claims management costs
  • Soft costs, such as loss of productivity
By analyzing risk and loss, and then working to prevent, mitigate and insure against them, companies can successfully minimize cost. And maximize profitability.
To effectively manage risk and control loss, large commercial businesses need customized risk management solutions that look at cost drivers from end to end. That’s exactly what The Hartford’s National Accounts team does. Our holistic approach to TCOR includes:
  • Identifying and analyzing the drivers of loss
  • Determining ways to best prevent them
  • Designing the most appropriate claims management process to mitigate them
  • Implementing a tailored program structure to manage them
This strategic approach to manage TCOR helps our customers achieve better financial outcomes today and in the future.
Our variety of loss-sensitive rating plans can help your clients achieve their goals and protect their bottom line:
  • Large deductibles – Standard, pre-funded, step-down, hybrid
  • Retrospective rating – Incurred loss, paid loss
  • Self-insured retentions
We offer a variety of program structures that incorporate various types of collateral options, including:
  • Letters of credit
  • Cash funds-held accounts
  • Trust accounts
  • Surety Bonds 
We offer bundled and unbundled loss-sensitive insurance programs to help meet the needs of your client:
  • The Hartford’s bundled ClaimPlus Team® is backed by the strength of The Hartford, and offers savings, insight and innovative claim resolution to your clients.
  • National Accounts with unique exposures or needs may choose unbundled claims-handling services with a third-party administrator. We have established relationships with leading property and casualty TPAs throughout the United States.
Specialists on our TPA Services team work closely with select TPAs to help ensure quality claims handling and to assist with client concerns. They not only provide oversight services for complex claims, but also regularly audit our approved TPAs to ensure a quality customer experience at every point and at all levels.

Our Expertise Drives Positive Results

The Hartford has invested deeply in risk engineering services that help businesses minimize risk and reduce claims. Our dedicated National Accounts Service Leads use exposure and loss data trend analysis to deliver insights, prioritize service opportunities and design meaningful/measurable service initiatives intended to minimize loss and improve overall operations.

A Consultative Approach With an Emphasis on Prevention

  • Focused. Our consultants evaluate customers’ end-to-end processes, focusing on known or potential loss sources.
  • Bottom-line oriented. Our consultants understand the importance of the bottom line and convey that in their analysis.
  • Practical. Risk Engineering provide practical solutions that eliminate or reduce risk, while improving overall operations.
With approximately 80% of your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) attributed to Retained Losses, the focused/targeted service objectives we develop together can have a significant impact on your organization’s TCOR.
Question: If we could help you reduce Retained Losses by 10%, would you be interested?
TREO, The Hartford’s RMIS solution, is designed to simplify claims management by:
  • Enabling the power of data and analytics
  • Creating transparency, highlighting proof points and identifying the root causes of cost drivers
  • Allowing individual and portfolio claims management
  • Letting you customize claims-trend tracking
TREO facilitates the right balance of technology, people and time. The combined experience helps risk professionals focus their energy and resources on the right claim drivers to achieve a greater understanding of cause of loss and effectively lower loss costs.

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