Commercial Large Property Contacts

Commercial Large Property Contacts map
Andy Simmons, Head of Business – Large Property
Caleb Woodby, Underwriting Officer – Large Property


bright red Arin Kalman, Western Managing Director
bright red Mirna Calderon Hansen, Executive Underwriter
bright red Phyllis Chen, Executive Underwriter
bright red Derek Shepherd, Executive Underwriter
bright red Jolene Bedoya, Senior Executive Underwriter
bright red Lindsey Schiller, Executive Underwriter


orange green Andrew Fellowes, Central and North Central Managing Director
bright green Steven Looft, Senior Underwriter
bright green Steve Casiano, Senior Underwriter
bright green Sharon Ruiz, Executive Underwriter
Orange Square Amanda Herwerden, Executive Underwriter


bold blue Roddy Thaler, Southeast Managing Director
bold blue Susan Silva, Executive Underwriter
bold blue Patrick Regina, Executive Underwriter

Región Noreste

light purple and orange Nathan Jones, Northeast Managing Director
Northeast & NJ
light purple Casey Grover, Senior Underwriter
light purple Christy Tolbert, Senior Underwriter
light purple Michael Brizuela, Senior Underwriter
light purple Suzanne Gill, Senior Executive Underwriter
light purple John Allen, Executive Underwriter
light purple Allison Rademaker, Large Property Underwriter