Commercial Large Property

Customizing Coverages for Your Clients Is Now Easier Than Ever

We know that meeting your clients’ expectations is top priority. At The Hartford, we strive to go above them. That’s why we’ve revamped our large property forms, allowing you to adjust and customize coverages whenever you need.
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What’s Changed With Our Updated Forms?

The new forms:
  • Are highly tailored with industry specific endorsements, blanket limits and loss limit capabilities, equipment breakdown and business interruption.
  • Have the capability to support excess property and quota share.
  • Feature new options that allow you to take customization of coverage to a whole new level.
  • Offer built-in flexibility, with items such as coverage time periods and distance limitations adjustable through the declaration.

The Coverages Your Clients Need With Customization That Counts

We’ve created a suite of market-leading forms to address the specific needs of various industries. This will help you enhance and tailor the policies for each of your large property clients.
We’re focused on understanding specific perils and the differences between their resulting damage. Fire, explosion and sprinkler leakage damage are examples of where Property Elite and Property Global Elite respond beyond the stated limits for events such as flood, earthquake and terrorism.
We provide you the broadest support at the most critical time: when you experience a loss. Property Elite and Property Global Elite provide coverage for claim related expenses for brokers and associated subsidiaries.
This includes unnamed and newly acquired locations, errors or omissions. And as a standard practice, we’re not limiting coverage for these types of locations in respect to natural catastrophe or terrorism risk. Coverage is designed to remain flexible in terms and substantial in limits to meet the needs of your growing and ever changing portfolio.
Loss of data can happen anywhere. With more and more data management shifting to the cloud, we have you covered with coverage that extends to include damage to your data when it’s at a cloud computing service provider located anywhere in the world. We even cover lost business income and extra expenses you incur. And if you purchase electronic vandalism coverage with us, that coverage also extends to your data in the cloud as well.
Automatic coverage is provided for construction projects at scheduled locations. There’s coverage built into the form for soft costs and delays due to a covered loss during the policy period. You can even add newly acquired location coverage, giving you the necessary time to place coverage for new projects.
We know that an interruption of your services can happen suddenly and is often out of your control. Our service interruption coverages provide traditional utility interruption as well as cloud computing exposure, because we understand the impact a loss of this service can have on your business.
Our flexible valuation provision allows you to take repair or replacement cost over ACV even if your damaged property is not actually repaired or replaced (provided the proceeds are used for capital expenditure within two years). This gives you greater flexibility to use claims proceeds in the most advantageous way to benefit your business.
Property Elite and Property Global Elite are designed to adjust claims in the most advantageous outcome for the insured. Understanding that business functions of many of our insureds can entail risk exposure to earnings loss and profits loss, our policy is designed to look at both scenarios and to adjust the loss in the most favorable position for the insured.
We understand the vulnerabilities of supply chains and the expanding global footprint of our clients. To address these concerns, Property Elite has very broad and flexible contingent business interruption coverage designed to provide coverage for both direct and indirect suppliers and customers around the world. Property Elite now responds when ingress/egress, civil military or a crisis event occurs at a supplier or customer location. The scope of “property of the type insured” has also been enhanced and the coverage can be triggered by damage to property such as bridges, tunnels, roadways and other property that’s typically not covered.
We’ll pay the difference between normal transportation costs and actual costs due to a covered cause of loss to property of the insured and bridges, tunnels, roadways, ports, docks, etc. We understand that supply chains are vital to most businesses and you need to do everything you can to fulfill your commitments to customers and suppliers. With Property Global Elite we’ll pay the additional costs you incur to transport your goods and services if they’re disrupted due to covered physical damage.

Who We Serve

We’re committed to providing coverage solutions to a wide variety of industries, including:
  • Business and Professional Services
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Asistencia Médica
  • Manufactura
  • Bienes Raíces
  • Al por menor
  • Tecnología

The Detail and Dedication Your Clients Deserve

We know that every client has their own unique needs. That’s why each large property owner should have industry-specific coverages and policies tailored to their specific risks and requirements. Our team is focused on delivering exceptional customer service to help you serve your clients.
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